Yaginuma is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Yaginuma is a goat, with white fur and brown horns and hooves. He does not have any cartoonish elements in his design like his fellow animal classmates, looking instead relatively photorealistic and being a quadruped.


Unlike the rest of his animal classmates, Yaginuma appears to be a completely irrational animal.


Yaginuma does very little in the show and mostly exists to compound the quirkiness of the Plum class. His seat is at the back and by the window.

Episode 24-B shows him unknowingly thwarting King's plan to make a hostile takeover attempt on the Sunshine Academy.

It's mentioned that he has a father, who works on a farm, where Yaginuma is planning to spend his Summer vacation. It's also noted that when he graduates, he'll go work on Flora's farm.


  • 'Yagi' is homophone for 'goat', but none of the kanji used for his name have that meaning.
  • Occupies the 90th place (100th being the lowest) in the school ranking shown in episode 11.


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