Detectives still use magnifying glasses nowadays, labu?

Labra and detective archetypes.


What Kind of Person is Dad? (パパってどんなひと? Papa tte don'na hito??) is the second part of episode 4 of Jewelpet Magical Change. It first aired on April 25, 2015.

The episode is preceded by You Don't Even Need Magic!?.


After Airi's dad calls to have her deliver something to him, the Jewelpets are left to figure out what he looks like and what kind of detective he is.


Airi gets a call from her father. He tells her that he forgot magnifying glass and asks her to find and deliver it to him. So Airi and the Jewelpets search around the house and eventually finds his magnifying glass.

Airi leaves the house and goes off to deliver the magnifying glass to him, leaving the Jewelpets to themselves. Ruby then taught up of an idea: To discover who Airi's father really looks like. So the others agree to discover his identity.

Rummaging around the house, the Jewelpets find rather interesting objects around the house, ranging from props, tradional Japanese, and recreational items. Luna uses all the items the Jewelpets found to draw hypothetical artist representation of Airi's father one by one with each clue. After finding various items, Luna puts all the clues together to come up with an illustration. The result was a mixed representation based on all the objects the Jewelpets found, much to everyone's disappointment.

Airi comes back and sees everyone depressed. Airi later sees Luna's drawing and takes a look at it. She concludes it looks just like his father "in the old days", much to her amusement. This shocked the Jewelpets, discovering that they were right all along. Airi explained that his father was intrigued with detective work and collected various items of a typical detective. She also commented that he somewhat went too far wearing all of them at once. Then Airi shows the Jewelpets a picture of what he looked like in the old days: A slim masculine man during the days at the beach.





  • Airi's Father


  • There are some items the Jewelpet collected referencing to the manga series Case Closed.

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