Jewelpet Happiness premiered in my country today. I'd already seen it subbed, but it's always good to see anime on TV, and in a better picture quality than any RAWs can offer. Here's some thoughts on the dub:

1. For the first time, they didn't dub the songs, which is very disappointing.

2. I'm pretty sure that's Maria Camões as Ruruka. Finally she gets a role besides Ruby. Also, Nene shares her voice with Garnet.

3. For whatever reason, they're pronouncing Chiari as Kiari. That's fine, I guess. Solange Santos is in charge of her, of course, though she's putting her voice in a different register than usual; it's softer.

4. Izumi (Taira) was prononced as Izumu, which is not so fine, given that his personality is driven by his complex about his feminine name. Hopefully this was a one-time mistake.

5. Rosa has the exact same voice as Peridot. It doesn't match her at all.

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