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  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is looking after Tamagotchis
  • I am excited for Tamagotchi Friends
  • Himespetchi

    I am going to review each Jewelpet anime, except for the original one, because I have only seen the first episode of it. I have seen most of Tinkle, Sunshine, Kira Deco, Happiness, and Lady Jewelpet though, as well as several episodes of Magical Change. There might be spoilers in this, so be warned!

    This series is probably the most popular; it is indeed excellent! It has the most beautiful art style/animation of them all as well as nice background music and great characters. It can be funny but it doesn't rely too heavily on comedy, which is the mistake a few other Jewelpet series make. It's emotional without being too dark and I think it can appeal to both young and older Jewelpet fans. I wish the Jewelpets interacted with eachother more w…

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