A fact that I wanna tell everyone is Jewelpet anime's new director co. is called Studio Deen(not the previous 6 seasons' co. Studio Comet).However, I think this anime co. has no experience at making cutie mascot cartoons like JP even it opened earlier than Comet.

1.They didn't know Garnet & Sapphie are really popular and they just changed the lovely protagonist group into a wacky one!!!!

2.They made Luna into a no-good main character because thay changed her into a too-clever female with annoying specs!!!

3.They let Luea became bad !!!

4.They didn't create the humans & all JPs' human form properly(maybe).

5.They put the plot into pointless places & made it not fit to the season.

I hope their next JP anime will be better otherwise I won't count on them!!!!!

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