Guys, I've just received some bad news a few days ago. Jewelpet Magical Change had been cut short from originally 52 episodes into 39 episodes because of its low popularity.

I felt pity for this season after I heard the news. Nonetheless, I think the producers should be blamed for the decision they made wrongly, 'killing' the rest 13 episodes. There are reasons (I believe) which caused the 'death' of the anime: the plot & the characters.

Firstly, the change of the voice actors of Luna had fed up a majority of fans and made controversy. Next, the stories of the cartoon are just going on a straight way and nothing special happened(such as the characters turning into babies in Sunshine)..But the last reason, which I am truly shocked when the anime was announced, was knocking the souls of Jewelpet---Garnet & Sapphie!!

I know that the producers are trying to make this anime cool and special by creating a big difference. However, they have forgotten the past routine, which turns this cartoon so popular. In fact they are actually doing something incorrectly, which enraged the fans as most of them love Garnet & Sapphie. So maybe the fans are boycotting Jewelpet Magical Change ,which shows that how Garnet & Sapphie important to the franchise.

I hope the news I heard aren't true, but I wish Garnet & Sapphie will be back with Ruby.

PS. When will Topaz appear to a protagonist!!!!????

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