I've been procrastinated THIS important passage for a long time but finally I really to tell you guys that I have to leave. Sorry. Well...I'm NOT leaving forever. However, I have lots of work to deal with in LINE Wikia(as I'm the admin!) & the loss of Jewelpet hurts me very much. Thanks for everyone's support. I'm sorry for joining here so late.

Thank-you messages(for wikians): Mr.T, I'm very happy to meet you. You're a nice admin, which gives me a role model. Sorry for driving your nerves. I'll try to be a great admin in LINE Wikia.

Sunshine, at first I discovered we have different thinking, I have a not-so-good impression on you. But now I think you're more mature than me. Sorry for creating so many conflicts.

Flowerforst, you're a helpful person and always root for me. Thanks a lot. Hope you have a cheerful life.

Bruinx, you are a kind guy. Thanks.

Pheonixmelody, Blitzspakz & Pearidot, wish you guys be joyful and don't forget the souls of the Jewelpets.

Duo, time to say goodbye. Have a gorgeous time. Thanks for the USEFUL information.

Thank-you messages(for Jewelpets): Diana, I know many fans dislike you because of your appearance and personality. Nevertheless, I love you as I like cats I'm sure you're not a villain forever. Very sorry that your protagonist role in JPT is wasted. Bless you & your buddies for a better life. (RIP for Diana & her friends)

Ruby, I don't really like you but I'm going to miss you because you grow with me. You & Diana won't be forgotten by me. (RIP for Ruby & her friends)

Non-thank-you message for Sanrio: You hurt me so much that I think my heart is stolen and my parents' money were cheated. I will NEVER visit your shops again to avoid Hello Kitty, Gudetama and Rilu Rliu Fairies etc.

Although Jewelpet is gone, I know the memory will continue to drive me forward.

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