what do I have to say about 2015? Well, 2015 wasn't nearly as good as the last one, wasn't it?

As we all know, 2015 was a pretty disappointing year for Jewelpet. For many of you, Jewelpet Magical Change was one of the anime series' weakest season yet, and considering the fact that the show caused a minor controversy relating to Sapphie and Garnet not being the main characters, Luna's voice actress Rumi Shishido being replaced by Misono by confusion, lasting for 39 episodes and the fact that this could possibly be the last season of the anime series, That is completely disappointed.

However, i've seen a lot worse stuff happening in this world. Heck, i've had much worse experiences in my life than watching Jewelpet Magical Change. Like for example, has some of you know, i had to deal with pain and sadness after my mother passed away this year. That's one of the worst thing that could ever happen to me: loosing anyone from my family that i love and care for.

But i'm not gonna jump into that topic now. All i want to say is this: 2015 was indeed a disappointing year for this franchise, but JPMC's situation is not an bigger problem compared to the world's bigger problems.

Now i don't want to make you guys sad, all i wanted to do is to atleast wish you all an happy new year, especially to SunshineFan and our good admin, TacticalMaster. Hopefully that 2016 will be a better year for us and a better year for Sanrio this time. Even though Jewelpet is over and we'll never see another series ever again, it won't change the fact that the Jewelpet anime series had given a lot to enjoy them (Except JPMC) and we are all appreciated.

(Ruby and her partners)

So happy New year to everyone and i'll see you on 2016, hopefully Sanrio won't let us down with their next anime franchise, Rilu Rilu Fairilu.

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