Just to inform you guys that today, i have to take a few day-offs in this wiki for a few days, because I am not in a mood of uploading or even editing anything related to Jewelpet today.

Here's the reason why:

Today, I'm having a sad day. I was informed that my mother passed away yesterday. The reason for that is because last sunday, she started to feel very sick, so i had to ask my cousin to call the medics to take my mother to the hospital where she would have to take some treatments, only to find out that she was in a coma. She was never able to recover. By now, one of my aunts and my older sister are now going to make a funeral for my mother.

There you go, this is a reason why I'm not in a mood of doing anything in this wiki today. In case you ask, i will come back to this wiki and focus on informations and screenshots again.

So for everyone who's reading this blog, especially for TacticalMaster, I'm sorry...

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