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    I was right, it was 4 min episode.(4min 30 sec) Although it's a spin-off series, it had some magical change element in it such as Larimar's human form as well as Luna glasses. They do not have the jewel watch though. It seems like Luna's glasses is here to stay permanent. First episode is........okay? Although I don't know what happen.

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  • Blitzsparkz

    Final episode

    January 31, 2016 by Blitzsparkz

    Here's the link for the special episode. It's a live action and some interview. I heard there will be a behind the scenes someday or something

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  • Blitzsparkz

    Official pose/art

    January 23, 2016 by Blitzsparkz

    Does any have jewelpet official pose? I've been looking for years and couldn't find it.

    The only example I have is this picture, if you look at the dvd, All 42 jewelpet pose are in there. Anyone have those artwork?

    I know there is 'the trio, labra, angela, peridot, lapis, topaz, luna, milky and grantie" and some I cannot remember.

    I just found grantie's official pose. It would help a lot thanks

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  • Blitzsparkz

    episode 38 thoughts

    December 19, 2015 by Blitzsparkz
    • spoiler* sort of

    Because I want want to say something about it

    I think this is the 3rd episode plus next week, 4th episode where it involved the story? So...out of 39 episode, only 4 episode is about the story???

    I also think this is the 4th time where we see all 42 jewelpet(sort of) in the background:

    -the opening

    -one of the 'jewelpet currently on the run'

    -the 7th anniversary episode

    -today's 'jewelpet currently on the run' which showed twice :)

    The episode is kinda weird, is like sunshine where every episode is happy happy episode and because it's gonna end, suddenly something bad happen because finale calls for it. Was wondering for a long time if we would see Airi's parents as they are so mysterious and had a big role to the story. Another t…

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  • Blitzsparkz

    So apparently Jewelpet magical change dream collection will be aired on january 2016 for 3 weeks. Don't really know what it is. I heard is to replay some episode?

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