Titana (チターナ Chitāna?) is a male chipmunk Jewelpet who represents Balance.


Titana is a small chipmunk Jewelpet with a long tail. He is orange-colored with a white belly and brown stripes from his back to his head. Titana wears a blue cap and a blue collar with a yellow flower attached.




In Jewelpet (anime), he is partnered with Kuranosuke Hinata, to whom he appears when Diana curses him into becoming a delinquent.

In Jewelpet Twinkle, he is partnered with Nicola. Titana chose him when he saw his frustration at his mother's dismissing attitude towards him.

In Jewelpet Sunshine, he is a loyal follower of Kanon, because she helped him when he was about to be extorted by King.

In Jewelpet Kira Deco!, he is the master of a dojo that teaches how to fight with a tail. Midori and Io undergo training in it, only to find out that it's a scam by Titana so he can feed on their life force.

In Jewelpet Happiness, he's a comedian and forms a Magic Gem with teacher Azusa.

He's in the background in the other seasons.




  • Titana's jewel motif is the titanite, a calcium titanium nesosilicate mineral used as the source of titanium dioxide.
  • Titana's given species is the subject of debate, as chipmunks have very short tails and his is more characteristic of a squirrel.