The Story of Jewel Land's Worst Pet Who Multiplied Her Magic by 40 in 10 Minutes and Restored the Jewel Castle is the first part of episode 28 of Jewelpet Magical Change. It first aired on October 10, 2015.


Opal unexpectedly visits Airi's house to investigate the Jewelpets' progress in studying magic. She forces them to undergo rigorous training for an attempt at restoring the Jewel Castle.


  • The episode title is rewritten from a Japanese novel called The Story of a School's Bottom Girl Who Raised Her Marks by 40 in 1 Year and Got Into Keio University (学年ビリのギャルが1年で偏差値を40上げて慶應大学に現役合格した話 Gakunen Biri no Gyaru ga 1 nen de Hensachi o 40 Agete Keio Daigaku ni Geneki Gokaku Shita Hanashi?).
  • This episode has the longest title in the Jewelpet anime.

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