The Boys Love Pink!

A screenshot from the Episode.

The Colors of Love Tournament Deco! (恋のカラフル・トーナメントデコ~! Koi no karafuru tōnamento deko!?) is the 34th Episode of Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!.


Christmas is coming and Pink is still heartbroken on how Kaiser manipulated both her and Ruby's love. As the rest of the group arrives to see an angry Pink, they all tried to cheer her up on much to her dismay and hate to relationships as they all take a walk. When Pink accidentally tripped, the boys did their best to save her as well as impress her. Little did she know, that the Jewelpets devised a special plan so she would learn to fall in love and have a relationship with either one of the boys. With the help from Garnet's jewel magic, she made Ruby into a cupid and shoot several love arrows to the boys. Though the plan worked, the pets must make sure the boys get Pink's affection. However, it became a contest of love for the boys. Blue took Pink away from the others and walked over to a bridge. As the duo crossed it, Pink became scared as the bridge started to sway due to their weight while he confessed his love. As the Jewelpets just watched them both, Retsu appeared and decided to settle his rivalry with Blue ever since he joined. But when Garnet interfered, their weight made the ropes snap as Pink tries to secure it. As the boys were about to save her, Ruby fired two love arrows into them, merging the boys together and saving both Pink and Garnet from the collapsing bridge. Pink is even more surprised to see the new guy which goes by the name Purple. The pets were relieved that they were safe while Pink is starting to fall in love to Purple. Ruby and Sapphie followed them both to see how their relationship would unveil. On the other hand, Coal and Io were together as Coal complained about Christmas while Io was having some daydreams about Opal and Coarumi. As they saw the couple as well as Ruby and Sapphie, Coal's anger boiled over as they get into the way and Purple defeated them both. As Pink is starting to have feelings of love to someone, is she about to fall in love once again?



ジュエルペット きら☆デコッ! 34 「恋のカラフル・トーナメントデコ~!」24:40

ジュエルペット きら☆デコッ! 34 「恋のカラフル・トーナメントデコ~!」

Episode 34.

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