Tetsuo Nejikawa is a secondary character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Nejikawa is a blocky, cartoonish robot, gray with red elements, with round eyes made of blue glass and an unmovable, rectangular mouth. He has pliers for hands. He doesn't wear any clothes.


Nejikawa has human feelings and ways of thought despite being a robot. He is very gentle, unassertive and contemplative. He believes his robotic nature is limiting and desires to become a flesh-and-blood human.


He's a student in the Plum class and is in love with Sapphie, who is also his creator. He works as Sapphie's assistant in her laboratory, and is sometimes experimented on by her, by installing various contraptions in him, for example.


  • 'Tetsu' is a homophone of 'iron', and 'neji' is one of 'screw'.