Takumi Asano is a supporting character in Jewelpet Happiness. He forms a quartet with his friends Kousuke, Taira and Mouri.


Takumi has dark ash brown hair and purple eyes. His usual clothing is the male Jewel Academy uniform, and he's the only one of his group of friends who wears it complete; over the white shirt, red tie and light yellow vest he wears a beige jacket with brown linings and buttons, plus gray trousers and brown shoes.


Takumi has a seemingly cold and distant personality. As the top student in his grade, he feels pressured to keep living up to people's expectations of him. He secretly enjoys cute video games (and other things), which he uses as a distraction from school life.


  • Takumi holds the record for the most Magic Gems created with a single Jewelpet (3, with Angela).

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