Sunshine Academy is the school where Jewelpet Sunshine is set.


The great majority of the cast is concentrated in this school, and so most of the plot takes place in its grounds.

Sunshine Academy is a boarding school, and has separate dorms for girls (the Moon Dorm) and boys (the Star Dorm), as well as a cafeteria where the students take every meal or just hang out. The organization of the dorms is to have two students per room, though in the case where a room becomes uninhabitable, the dislodged students may be moved to an already occupied room as a temporary measure (the example of Jasper, who had to move in with Mikage and Masago due to his room becoming flooded).

The school, though located in Jewel Land, accepts Earth beings. Both the student and teacher bodies are ecletic in the nature of their members, as humans, Jewelpets, and talking and non-talking animals can be accepted into either body.

Unlike past schools in the Jewelpet franchise, Sunshine Academy's curriculum does not teach magic. Its curriculum is similar to that found in typical Japanese high schools, and is directed towards teaching material that is more practical to life on Earth.


All the classes seen in the show are in the third and final year of high school. Most of them follow a flower themed naming system.

Plum class

The class where the main characters are concentrated. It's infamous in the Academy due to gathering a lot of problem students with bad behavior and poor test scores. Taught by Teacher Iruka.

Rose class

The class next door to the Plum class. It has many popular and intelligent students with high prospects in life, and so it's considered the polar opposite and rival to the Plum class. Taught by Jill Konia.

Wisteria class

The class that won the sports festival in the year before the show. It only appears in episode 27.

Chrysanthemum class

Another class that only appears in the sports festival in episode 27.


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