Sumire (スミレ Sumire?) is a minor character in Jewelpet Magical Change. She is the owner of King.


Sumire is a purple-eyed female college student with magenta haze-colored hair. She wears a violet blouse and a pair of light yellow pants.


Sumire is kind, cheerful, polite and gentle. She's also naive and quick to trust strangers or believe what they say. She likes animals, having owned at least two dogs.


Appearing in episode 9, Sumire is the owner of King, who she does not know is a Jewelpet. King pretends to be a normal dog in her presence and is called Momohime by her, after her past pet dog. He asks Airi and co. advice on how to behave even more like a normal dog so he can be a better pet.

Later, Sumire nearly buys an odd object from a dodgy door-to-door salesman but is stopped by King, who turns into his human form from his desire to protect her.


  • 'Sumire' means 'violet', after her color scheme.
  • Her name might come from her voice actress, Sumire Morohoshi.