Shippo-san (しっぽさん?) is a one-shot character in Jewelpet Magical Change. She is the alive version of Larimar's tail.



Shippo-san has cyan eyes. Since she is Larimar's tail, there are no difference between her original form except she looks larger and the the beads tied at the end have turned into her ribbon. Also, the bottom of her 'body' is a bit twisted. She has a pair of tiny hands too.


Although she is Larimar's tail-spirit, Shippo-San is very different from Larimar; she is active and playful, and more mischievous. Furthermore, she can also be quick-tempered.


Shippo-San is Larimar's tail spirit after she castes her magic to make it shorter but failed.She is angry with Larimar and plays tricks on her friends. Unfortunately, she upset Labra and makes Labra turned them to a snowy land. Later Larimar and Shippo-San understand Shippo-San's meaning of existence, so Shippo-San turns out to help her and the others to search for Labra and finally Labra apologies for doing such silly things. And they spend the night with Shippo-San keeping them warm.Sadly, the affect of Larimar's magic has finished up the next day, so Shippo-San shirks and 'passed away'.

However, she revived in Episode 37 for a while and has a show with Larimar.


  • Shippo (しっぽ) literally translates into tail in English.

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