Ruruka Hanayama (華山るるか Hanayama Ruruka?) is one of the main characters in Jewelpet Happiness.


Ruruka is a nice, somewhat tomboyish girl with a snarky streak. She is a big sister figure to Labra, though she sometimes tests her patience. Ruruka is also very helpful, as seen when everyone is managing the cafe.


Ruruka has dusty brown, almost gray, hair and dark blue eyes. It is held up in a bun most of the time, though sometimes she lets it down in pigtails.


Ruruka is a ninth grade student at Jewel Academy and a close friend and roommate of Chiari and Nene. Like them, she helps the Jewelpets out at the Cafe. She serves as Labra's babysitter and friend.


  • Ruruka holds the record for the most Magic Gems created, at 5.


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