Romeo is a supporting character in Lady Jewelpet.


Romeo is yet another prince. He is one of the top competitors among the Princes.


Romeo has seen to be mildly competitive around other princes like Cayenne. However, he is also very gentle and kind. However, if you do get on his nerves, he can lose control, as he once punched Miura. Romeo and Miura seem to be in somewhat of a competition; and they seem to be fighting over Momona


Romeo has short, blonde hair. He is often seen wearing a beige dress shirt, with a dark green bow on his collar. Over that, he wears a tan/dark brown vest with golden buttons. He wears black dress pants and black loafers.


He was rejected by Momona when he confeseed to her at their last task before going to the Royal Palace.


Romeo/Image Gallery


  • Romeo's name is taken from Alfa Romeo, an Italian car manufacturer.

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