Retsu Akagi is a major character from Jewelpet Kira Deco!. He's the leader of the KiraDeco 5. He's also Angela's partner.


Retsu is slighter shorter than Blue. He has flaming red hair and murky red eyes. His usual outfit consists of a red leather jacket with rolled up sleeves and a black sleeveless shirt underneath, two black wristbands, green army trousers cinged by a white belt and brown and black mountain boots.


Retsu is hot blooded, full of courage and confidence. He's obsessed with training himself and always thinks in the ultra-positive side for the whole group. He treats his brother Midori like a little kid who can't fend for himself. Retsu is very oblivious, ignoring the fact that Midori resents him, and that even though he considers Blue Knight his rival, Blue has never recognized him as one.


Retsu was born in the Gunma Prefecture. Midori Akagi is his little brother and KiraDeco 5 teammate.

Retsu was the very fist member of the KiraDeco 5 team created by Professor Decorisky.


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