Pink Oomiya (大宮ぴんく Ōmiya Pinku?) is the human protagonist of Jewelpet Kira Deco!. She's the only female member of the KiraDeco 5. She is Ruby's partner.


Pink and the other members were summoned from the human world in search for the fragments of the Mirror Ball called Deco Stones. She is born in Saitama Prefecture and attends middle school until she is appointed as a member of the group. She goes on the codename Shiny Pink. 


She is very charismatic and yet unusually fond of shiny stuff, on which she and Ruby can relate to each other, even living with her while searching for the Deco Stones.



Other Appearances

In episode 21-A of Jewelpet Magical Change, Pink makes an cameo appearance in one of Ruby's recorded videos.

Photos and Screenshots

Main article: Pink Oomiya/Image Gallery

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