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A Petite Lady is a title given to human girls who are studying to become full-fledged ladies. This term is part of the universe of Lady Jewelpet.


Petite Ladies are girls participating in an annual event in Jewel Land about studying to become noble beautiful ladies. There, they study etiquette and beauty in their pursuit to become beautiful girls. After the events, the girls would have become a lady filled with beauty and passion.

To become a Petite Lady candidate, parents or guardians must verify their permission for their child to become a Petite lady. Once the permit has been process, the girl will become a lady candidate. To start their journey, they are given a Magical Letterpen as proof of their status. In addition, a Jewelpet will be partnered to their chosen candidate, acting as their partner and mentor throughout the entire event.

Ladies participate in many random events that would help them become noble ladies. Most of these events are often soft work chores and some might be extensive physical exercise.

In some events, ladies may be accompanied by princes, their male noble counterparts. Just like Petite Ladies, princes are also striving to become handsome nobles themselves. Ladies are free to interact with princes as they wish. They can even choose a prince as their love interest as well.

Although the goal is to become ladies, the event is also a competition on who can become the next queen of Jewel Land. To become a queen, one must become very refined and famous in order to hold the title. The winner is determined by the end of the annual event. The lady who wins the competition will be awarded with the title "Lady Jewel," a higher Petite Lady title indicating the lady is now the new queen of Jewel Land.

Known Title Holders

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