Nene Konoe (近衛ねね Konoe Nene?) is a major character from Jewelpet Happiness.


Nene has dark grey hair that reaches down to her mid-back. Her hair is held by a green ribbon headband. She also has dark pink eyes.


Nene is a proper, well-educated girl. She sometimes shows shades of elitism by considering her friends Chiari and Ruruka commoners, but it appears to be unintentional on her part. Nene has a coolheaded spirit which translates into a knack for leadership, as seen when she's directing the Cafe's affairs.


Nene is a ninth grader at the Jewel Academy and roommate and friend to Chiari Tsukikage and Ruruka Hanayama. She comes from an enterprising family whose head is known as the Department Store King, and she is being trained to take over the family business; as a result, her knowledge of commerce is often used to the advantage of the Café.

Mouri seems to have a crush on her.


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