Nachi is a bit character and non-canon Jewelpet from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Nachi may be based off a common fly. She has a wholly black body, similar in shape to Charotte's, brown Jewel Eyes and wings. She has two antennas and a small brown nose. She has a spiky brown mane around her neck.

On her forehead there are three hexagon-shaped jewels; a large pink one in the center and two small light lavender ones to the sides.


Nachi was Charotte's best friend before she met Shouko. One day, after classes, Nachi returned to the classroom saying she forgot something. Charotte followed her and saw others of Nachi's kind destroying her desk. They threatened Nachi, asking her if she was friends with Charotte, and Nachi responded that she was only using her. Charotte was heartbroken and turned anti-social until she met Shouko.

Nachi is never seen again.


  • Nachi, like Lolip, is not recognized as an official Jewelpet.
    • She is also the first named one to appear in the anime (there are many others in the background if one looks closely).


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