Miura (ミウラ?) is a supporting character in Lady Jewelpet.


Miura is very determined and laid-back; but he is ambitious on the inside. He also seems to be very aloof, and Romeo has said that he and Lillian have similar personalities. He loves to tease Momona. Despite that he teases Momona, he is a very good Prince when it comes to evaluations. He has somewhat of a competiton with Romeo ever since Cayenne left; it seems that they're fighting over Momona. He's very good with computers. He seems to get along well with Lillian.


Miura resembles Cayenne. They have similar hairstyles, though Miura's is wilder, and eye-color. However, Miura's hair is mainly silver, and black on the back of his neck. He is a little bit taller than Momona, but shorter than Romeo. His eyes are topaz colored. When not in his prince suit, he is seen wearing a blue sports jacket and shorts.


Miura went to apply for prince for the next annual Petit Lady. He scored high on the exams which guarantees his position as a candidate. However, something later happened prior to his approval where Miura was blamed for it. As a result of this unexpected wrongdoing, he was imprisoned for this unexplained action. During the main events prior to his imprisonment, he was released when Cayenne transfered to the Royal Palace and replaced his prince candidate position.He is often blamed when there is trouble/a problem.Muira also uses a artificial service named lota on his Jewel Pad.


  • Lillian - Miura thought that Lillian was like a doll doing what the prince needs. As time progresses, he gets fond of her and starts to feel comfortable while talking to her. He also enjoys spending time with Lillian. In the end, they both fell in love and became lovers.
  • Momona - Miura is good friends with Momona. Because of her naive nature, Miura likes teasing Momona for her lightheartedness. He also had a small crush on her because she was different from the other ladies as she did what she wanted to do.


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