Midori Akagi is a major character from Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!. He's the youngest member of KiraDeco 5 and Labra's human partner.


Midori is very serious and prideful. He hates being treated like a little kid, especially by his brother Retsu, whom he despises due to a past incident.

Though he seems simply like a resentful and angry boy at first, Midori does have a kind side that he shows to people he truly cares about, as seen when he comforted Labra when they were trapped in a cave.


He's Retsu's younger brother, also born in Gunma Prefecture. He never liked that his brother was always better at everything and wishes to become better than him someday. When he first joined the KiraDeco 5, Pink Oomiya mistakes him as a girl, making his first encounter with her bad.

He later became Labra and Angela's student and wanted to study their magic, but ends up giving them lectures. He goes by the codename "Smart Green".

He has a brief relationship with Charotte but later decides to use her honey to try to beat his brother at getting love.