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    Ah, I know WakaFromStarAnis is creating episode pages, but I did try out the whole episode page thing as well. Though I don't really have a quote and some things are still missing, could you check it out? I only made a page for the second episode.

    If the format and the things I did was generally correct, I'll go ahead and start making the other episode pages (I guess? Not sure, maybe WakaFromStarAnis is doing them?) Maybe the infobox can just be added in later.

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  • I like to create an episode pages, But episode pages needs new Infoboxes(Infobox episode, or something like this😊).Jist like in Aikatsu Wiki.
    For example(idea only)(Lady Jewelpet)
    |Episode tile(I can become lady(example)
    |[Episode info]
    |Task(Lady goal)
    |[Episode guide]
    And maybe episode gallery.
    Sorry,Sorry,Sorry for my bed English.I can say something wrong(If I said it tell me).And I am a freshmen on this Wiki and I can say something wrong😟.Thanks!

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  • Okay, so I know you're really busy with college work and re-building this wiki but there's a problem on the Aikatsu Wiki

    currently, there is no active admin. Alwawmo is trying her best but she isn't always online, I know you're busy with college work, and Abby has stopped editing on the wikia because she feels that everyone hates her or something.

    there's a bit of organizing and cleaning that needs to be done so if you have time, could you stop by the Aikatsu wikia? that would be a relief, thank you

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    • Well I"m sorry to hear that the wiki really needs some tidying up to do. However, I am REALLY busy with my homework that I really don't have time for it. But here's the good news: My college will be over in about two weeks. So once that comes up, I'll finally be free and free to do what I want. :)

      I'll make sure I'll note this and make an announcement at the wiki so I'll try to clean house.

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    • thank you very much!

      btw good luck with college

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  • okay, just wanted to say i joined the wiki!

    also, I've started on the lyrics for Your Love. I currently typing out the kanji version of the short version (i don't know if i need permission for this, so just going to go ahead and do a bit first)

    and i don't know if you've noticed but Cayenne's infobox looks a bit off...

    that's all! :)

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    • Haha, it's nice to meet you! Thanks for what you have done here. I appreciate your contribution to help liven up this abandoned wikI! Just fill in up all the details you can. You can even finish the lyrics, cause I can't read Japanese.

      And yeah. I'm considering of making a new infobox but I am currently tied up with my college at the moment...

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