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  • Hi! TacticalMaster! I'm also a gamer like you!^^ What kind of games do you like?

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  • Hi.

    I know it's been a long time since I edited here, but I was wondering if there was anything specifically I should do?

    Also I uploaded two visuals of the new series, Jewelpet Magical Change, and created a page for it.

    Thanks for all of your hard work here!

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    • Dunno... I haven't become accustomed to the franchise yet. All I've been doing is patroling and making minor corrections.

      Buuuut, what I like to see is some more info for the characters of Lady Jewelpet; most of the recently added ones have not been filled in at all.

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  • Is it possible to upload fanarts of Jewelpet in the wiki? Because I want to do a Valentine's Day related artwork.    

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  • Were there any episodes of Jewelpets with them wearing swimwear, including Garnet in a bikini?

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  • there is this one episode where soarer gave mizuki a ring,does that mean that he proposed to her.If it's true then now mizuki and soarer are aloso enganged,right

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  • "Aaa...Jiankin kurasai! Sora ni rakukagi kibou ima ippai egakou kitto mirai wa hakushi nai yo ano sora onaji kurai ni OK! HERE WE GO! Shiroi jiten shade nobotta okano ue gyutto senobi o shite tooku omiga Anno kumo no mukou o Suteki na nanikaga ashita no watashi wo matte ru ne Kinou ame ga kitto sora hodo nani miraite kureta yo... Sora ni rakukagi omou mama ni chizu wo kaitara kimi to yakusoku kaze wo kitte motto yukou taiyou ga hora yonde iru yo Massa ona sora ni youku de hitta youna shitai hikougikumo mete o tekara chiisana na yami mo massugu kieteku hizashi wo suikomi shinkokyuu Fushigi ne kimi to iru to shirazuni chikara sotto uma neteru...sora ni rakukagi otona ni naru sonoki kakitemo kimi to yakusoku wasurenai yo itsumademo tobora chireite Blue Sky in my heart (Here we go, here we go! We can make it, Let's go!) Houkagu, chime ga natta, waku waku sagashi kyoumo saa yukou Sora ni rakukagi kibou ima ippai egakou kitto mirai wa hakushi nai yo ano sora onaji kurai ni Sora ni rakukagi omou mama ni chizu wo kaitara Here We Go yakusoku kaze wo kitte motto yukou taiyou ga hora yonde iru yo! OK! HERE WE GO!"

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  • Hi, so I didn't edit here for a long period of time, but I decided I want to be an active editor here. With that, is there anything that needs to be done? I'm no good at descriptions and summaries, but I can build decent pages, make good image galleries, and I;m good at sorting things.


    - Hanui

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    • Well...everything. Pretty much everything needs to be done. The clean ups of the grammar, adding the episode pages, and stuff. But I haven't watched the anime series pretty much. All I'm doing is making sure are checking contributions if they're acceptable. So, go do what you have to do.

      If you can't do the mass revision of pages, I'm the only one here who can do that, since I have the energy for it. Only if I could, however.

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    • Oh ok. Then I guess I'll find something to do.

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  • Would it be alright if I removed them from the jewelpet pages? Afterall, it's almost granted that all the jewelpets will appear in each series, except for maybe the newly introduced ones. Plus it clutters up the category section.

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    • The thing's kind of vague. Jewelpet first originated as a toy franchise at first in January 15, 2008. I'm pretty much assuming Jewelpet's main marketing is the toy line. But then there's the anime adaption, first appearing in April 5, 2009. Ever since, each year they come up with new and new anime series, eventually becoming a metaseries. But I'm not sure what is more important: Their main toy line or the animated series? The franchise is dealing with both series.

      Tour kept reappearing until Jewelpet Happiness, where he (must have) stopped appearing. Diana also stopped reappearing since Jewelpet Sunshine. Likely she must have been replaced by Luea in Lady Jewelpet. Some of the other characters that I don't see overall in Lady Jewelpet are Jasper and Granite. But I only watched episode 1 of it...

      So, by putting in the "Reappearing Characters," category it leaves several questions such as: "Where it kept reappearing?" Just what does that category refer to? The toy franchise? Anime? A confusion.

      I checked category pages itself. They're all listed. What I should agree with you on is the mix-in with the Jewelpets and the human names. Many Jewelpets do in fact keep reappearing BUT I think I can correct this organization issue. I could try changing the layout of the wiki and make the category pages all images. It's called "Category Exhibition." It makes every category pages listed as image thumbnails. They can be even sorted alphabetically, recently, or by popularity. I think most people would find it easier if they just visually see the image rather than see it as a list. Maybe that'll solve the issue. Well there is the page surfing thing but that's hardly an issue.

      As for the cluttered category boxes on the bottom of each page? What's the point? They could at least be sorted if you ask me. There's nothing you can do about it if they're going to be categorized on where they appeared or their general aspects. But only I can know which is a necessary category or not. I can agree with "gender ID-ing," but I reject random labels such as their certain appearances. Right now, I need to think about the "Eye-colored categories" that have been showing up on other overlooked Jewelpets.

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    • that makes sense, since I also feel like the eye-colored ones are kind of useless (we already have a navbox for it). 

      Is it possible we rely too much on the category sections? We could probably place the information of the toy franchise and the metaseries on seperate sections onto the information page themselves. To answer the where it kept reappearing question, we could also state in the introduction (of the jewelpet page, somewhere around the top i guess) that they reappeared for a maybe the first three series but has yet to reappear in the fourth or fifth. 

      btw a lot of other jewelpets have returned since they're the partners of other petit lady candidates (apparently). 

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    Ah, I know WakaFromStarAnis is creating episode pages, but I did try out the whole episode page thing as well. Though I don't really have a quote and some things are still missing, could you check it out? I only made a page for the second episode.

    If the format and the things I did was generally correct, I'll go ahead and start making the other episode pages (I guess? Not sure, maybe WakaFromStarAnis is doing them?) Maybe the infobox can just be added in later.

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  • I like to create an episode pages, But episode pages needs new Infoboxes(Infobox episode, or something like this😊).Jist like in Aikatsu Wiki.
    For example(idea only)(Lady Jewelpet)
    |Episode tile(I can become lady(example)
    |[Episode info]
    |Task(Lady goal)
    |[Episode guide]
    And maybe episode gallery.
    Sorry,Sorry,Sorry for my bed English.I can say something wrong(If I said it tell me).And I am a freshmen on this Wiki and I can say something wrong😟.Thanks!

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