• I live in Hong Kong
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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  • Where did you get them? I never seen them before.

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  • Hey it's me. Just wanted to tell you that I just drafted another episode page, and that's JPMC07A! Problem is, I made a cheap photoshop knock-off for it. And seeing that you 'possibly' have RAW videos of the Magical Change episodes, you're the only one I could ask here. So, do you think you might be able to fix this "bad" photoshop attempt I made with a more genuine, RAW one? You're the only one with the resources and I'm asking if you can do it. (Please?)

    And by the way...just wanted to say I'm sorry for anything I do that causes you to misconceive something that offends you or something... But, thanks for all your contributions to my wikis. To say, I still appreciate them! *thumbs*

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    • Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry for the late reply.

      Firstly, I actually don't have RAW videos of JPMC ^^; I just have a website which puts many of the JPMC and other JP seasons' RAW screenshots (although sometimes they have Japanese subs) : (click the numbers for the corresponding episodes' screenshot) I also stored some myself before from the RAW (when they were there... but not anymore) And it's pure luck to find the same scene. (Luckily the one you posted on is available so I'll replace it later, as you requested)

      Secondly, please never mind about that ^^; Also thanks for your appreciation :), although I'm just using my knowledge to edit and add info to the wiki. I also have to thank you for sometimes giving me guidance and help to edit pages (in both wikis) I'll do my best to improve the wikis in the future too ^^

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    • So what you're telling me, you technically do have the RAW sources. That's what I assume from your assumption. Heh.

      And, oh! Good to hear, no problem. As for me, I'm trying to see if I can finally code my way to creating a proper front page wiki for my wiki. Planning really takes a lot of time and dedication. But I'm really too caught up with my schoolwork, yeesh. But sooner or later, I'll finally spruce up the front page so it's no longer bland and empty. Haha.

      Glad to see you're improving your own creativity as well. Though, only thing I should say is: Keep up the good work. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Jewel Pet Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Maji? Maji! Magical☆Jewel!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Jewel Pet Wiki!

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    • A FANDOM user
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