Mechapet (マンボ Mekapetto?) (previously called Mambo (マンボ Manbo?)) is a robotic cat assistant created by Sakutarō Kirara. It appeared in Jewelpet Magical Change.


Mambo's original appearance resembles that of a blue and white Roomba in it's appearance in Episode 1. After Sakutaro's modifications as Mechapet, it now resembles a blue and white cat. It has black lenses for eyes, an antenna poking out of his head, an outlet plug and wire for a tail, and a yellow ascot. Several visible joints and seams add to his mechanical appearance. Mechapet also has a door in his stomach to store various items and can transform into a motorcycle mode.


Mechapet was created in episode 4, as a reconstruction of the roomba-based Mambo, when Sakutaro began redesigning it in order to prove that science was superior to magic by using science to emulate a Jewelpet. Ruby, Labra, and Larimar all tried to sabotage his efforts by suggesting various features a normal robot could not do, such as doing laundry, answering phones, or preparing tea.

While these features initially daunted Sakutaro, by morning he had completed Mechapet. Mechapet was able to do everything the Jewelpets had said a robotic Jewelpet could not do, including operate some of Sakutaro's other inventions.

However, the Jewelpets (And Airi) begin to make more and more outlandish demands of Mechapet, which causes him to malfunction. He raced off in an out-of-control rampage through the city streets before finally hurling himself into the river.

Luna, who had been silently cheering Sakutaro on the whole time, transformed into her human form in order to recover Mechapet from the river with her magic, but the robot's circuits had all been shorted out and rendered useless. The Jewelpets and Airi apologize for having treated Mechapet so badly, but Sakutaro simply responds by declaring that his next Mechapet will be waterproof.


  • Mechapet is most likely a jab at Robonyan from Yo-kai Watch, having nearly the same appearance and robotic origin. (Robonyan is a cyborg from the future, rather than a home-made robot).

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