Marie Hanazono is a major character from Jewelpet Happiness.


Marie has long, dark lavender hair that reaches down to her thighs. She has plum colored eyes, and is the tallest out of her trio.


She is usually headstrong and always strong minded but always keeps an eye on the person she likes, especially Kosuke. Because she is spoiled and often wants to be better than everyone else, she will do anything to befriend a jewelpet to get her own magic jewel.


She's an underclassman in the Jewel Academy and Chiari's rival. She is seen alongside Nobara, who looks after suspicious things and rumors all around the academy. A little later into the seires, she is also seen along Mutsumi. She is roomates and best friends with Nobara and Mutsumi.


  • Marie is the only character in Jewelpet Happiness to have fancy socks along with her school uniform. The others wear plain, dark-colored socks, but Marie wears ones with fancy frills.
  • She is the only major character who doesn't form a Magic Gem with a Jewelpet.


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