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Ruby holding the Magical Letterpen

A Magical Letterpen is a magical item that appears in Lady Jewelpet.


Magical Letterpens, or simply called "Letterpens," are magic items given to Petit Ladies as proof they are candidates for becoming the queen of Jewel Land. They're shaped like a jumbo stylus. At the top of the pen, there is a ring around a white jewel. The letterpen can read from little tags of paper. When swiped accross the little paper, a rainbow sends a voice message from the person who sent it. 

The letterpens seem to be individual colors for every lady:

  • Momona - Light Pink
  • Lillian - Light Purple 
  • Mizuki - Pale Blue
  • Charon - Sky Blue
  • Lady Rector - Navy Blue

After the queen is chosen, the ladies who owned the pen leave messages for the next pen owner and pass the pen on the next contestant, giving them advice when a message is played.


  • The pen is similar in appearance to the Luna Pen from the Sailor Moon series.

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