Many different Magic Gems inside the Jewel Box.

A Magic Gem is a magical item from Jewelpet Happiness. It is created when a Jewelpet joins hearts with a human or another. When formed, it will be placed into the Jewel Box and sometimes cast additional magic that will give a gift to the owners.


Magic Gems are quite small and come in a variety of colors and shapes depending on which Jewelpet it was formed with. For example, Ruby's Magic Gems are always red and shaped like hearts, and Sapphie's are always blue and shaped like stars.


Magic Gems were items Jewelina announced to the Jewelpets in episode 1 for them to collect for the Jewel Box. She says that if all Magic Gems are collected, something very nice would happen. Ruby was the first one to form a Magic Gem, forming it with Chiari. When the Jewel Box expanded, more Magic Gems had to be made.


  • Not all Jewelpets made a Magic Gem; they are: Ryl, Nix, Brownie, Topaz, Chite, Kris and Granite.
    • Although it's noted that Chite had an attempt at making one with Marie, and Granite got an episode focused on him.

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