Machiko (まちこ?) is a minor character in Jewelpet Happiness.


Machiko has dark pink hair in a bobbed haircut and pigtails tied by green ribbons. She has black eyes, with the pupils indistinguishable from the irises.


Machiko is quiet and solitary in class. She loves manga and is very devoted to her dream of becoming a manga author. This devotion makes her distracted and unresponsive to people who try talking to her most of the time, making her a pariah in her class.


Machiko is in Chiari's class. She's first seen in episode 5, as Garnet asks her to make a Magic Gem with her. Machiko looks like she didn't hear her so Garnet walks away.

In episode 21, Machiko is revealed to have been hard at work on a manga promoting the Jewelpet Café Happiness at the behest of Labra, her acting editor. When Machiko finally hands over a final draft that satisfies the Jewelpet, they form a Magic Gem.

In episode 43, Machiko takes an interest in King, who is newly transfered into Chiari's class, not realizing that King looks down on her due to her unpopularity. When King turns to delinquency from the Red Moon's influence, Machiko is determined to find good in him, and draws a manga inspired by him. The result touches King's heart, bringing him back to his old self and creating a Magic Gem.


  • Machiko shares her VA with Ruby.