Luna (ルナ Runa?) is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Jewelpet who symbolizes Charm Improvement.


Luna has pink fur, yellow ears and chest fluff with blue Jewel Eyes. She wears a blue bow above her head and a pearl necklace with a blue crescent moon-shaped jewel attached. In Magical Change she wears hot pink square shaped glasses.

Charm form

Luna Charm is round shape, with a big blue bow and a white vertical strip with other small white décor.

(not photo)

Human Form (Magical Change)

In human form, she has long pink hair with a blue bow and wears a pink and blue kilt skirt with a tie and hot pink glasses.


She is usually kind and gentle in the former seasons until Jewelpet Magical Change; she is clever, wise and loves reading her encyclopedia.



She's the partner of Hanako Kabeno in the first series and a member of Peridot's team.

In Jewelpet Twinkle, she's one of the two Jewelpet partners of Halite.

She's a student of the Rose class in Jewelpet Sunshine, who tags along with Diana & Milky. She was trapped in a mirror until Labra came and saved her.

In Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!, she is the Princess of the Moon. She used to live with Rald for a short time but finally she returned to her home-world.

She is a post-girl of Jewel Land's post-office in Jewelpet Happiness. She formed a Magic Gem with Nobara Kitajima.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, she is one of the four Jewelpet partners of Airi Kirara. She has a crush on Sakutarō.


Main article: Luna/Image Gallery


  • Luna's jewel motif is the moonstone, a sodium potassium aluminium silicate well known for its visual effect, or sheen, caused by light reflecting internally in the mineral from layer inclusion of different feldspars.
  • Her birthday is in June, the month correspondent to her jewel.
  • Luna's name is a Latin word for moon.
  • She shared her voice actress with Diana until Magical Change.
  • Luna is most frequently seen with Milky. Much like with Alex and Brownie, Labra and Ruby/Angela/Rosa, and Topaz and Flora.
  • After Magical Change, her glasses are proven to be a permanant part of her appearance.


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