Luea (ルーア Rūa?) is a Dutch rabbit Jewelpet and the 41st character in the franchise. She represents Truth.


Luea looks a bit like Ruby, but she is colored black and white with two pink heart patterns on her body: below her left eye and on her left leg. Her Jewel Eyes are made of blue apatite and she wears an indigo butterfly hair clip and a garland of indigo roses on her neck.

Charm form


Luea's Charm is egg-shaped and colored black. It is decorated with an indigo butterfly on the center like on her hairpin, three indigo roses on the bottom and two pink hearts on top.

Human Form (Magical Change)

In her human form, she has long violet hair with a dark blue butterfly bow at the back of her head. She wears a purple autumn Japanese-style girl uniform with a patterned miniskirt.


Luea is good at sarcasm, and she can be very sly in attempt to achieve her goal. Nonetheless, she is really loyal to her partners.

In Lady Jewelpet, Luea is very affectionate to Lillian. She is also very refined, and knows exactly how to give advice to Lillian and train her in the right way for a task. However, Luea is very sarcastic, and often makes sarcastic comments to Ruby, who takes them as compliments instead of insults. Luea also loves to be scratched behind her ears. Luea was Lady Diana's jewelpet mentor before she left, and Luea is very determined to make Lillian Top Lady. Because of this, she has stated multiple times that she will do anything it takes to make Lillian Top Lady.

Luea was left behind by her previous Petit Lady, Lady Diana, so she is emotionally scarred and tries to take control and make Lillian successful in order for her to stay with her.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, she is shown to be more cunning and she will do anything to make herself transform into a human.


Luea is shown to be good on mentorship, thought however she can be very strict on the Lady she wants to become Lady Jewel. Although she boasts about her own skills a lot, her mentorship shows through Lillian herself in every Lady test she does.

Aside for her mentor skills, Luea is an expert magician like any other Jewelpet. She can cast dark spells using the Jewel Pad, thought it requires a magic key to fully utilize it. This kind of spell, called Tap and Magic, lets her do things to hinder both Ruby and Momona's progress as Lady Candidates. Unfortunately, Luea is not capable of controlling this type of magic and it usually goes berserk. Luea was secretly working for Joker so that her dream of making Lillian as the Top Lady come true.


Lady Jewelpet

Luea debuts in this season, as well as becoming a major character, where she is the Mentor of Lillian. Before becoming Lillian's mentor, Luea had another partner, Lady Diana. Lady Diana was chosen to be Lady Jewel, but she refused because she had fallen in love with Momona's cousin. Because of that, she then left Jewel Palace and Luea behind, leaving only a music box and a doll. Then Luea used her magic to turn the doll into Lillian.

Jewelpet Magical Change

Luea has a major role as Laura's partner. She wants to become a human as well, so she and Laura attempt to steal Airi's pendant multiple times throughout the series. However, she finally gets her chance to become one in Episode 23 because of her strong bond with Laura. At the end of the series, she becomes the Queen of Jewel Land.


See Luea/Image Gallery.


  • Luea's jewel motif is the blue apatite (pictured), a variant of the mineral apatite, which is a group of phosphate minerals, usually referring to hydroxylapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite, named for high concentrations of hydroxide, flouride and chloride ions, respectively, in the crystal.
  • In promotional images, Luea uses Ruby's pose template as opposed to having her own original art.
  • Luea's birthday is exactly 30 days after Ruby.
  • Luea shares the same voice actress as Ametrine & Trystine, Yuka Iguchi.


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