Ludwig Auguste-Wilhelmine Maximillian is a bit character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Ludwig has a stout build and well-combed black hair. He is the shortest boy among the "seat-fillers" and is the same height as Asuka Asuka.


Ludwig is one of the five "seat-fillers" of the Plum class. He sits in front of Kurara. He has no role in the series outside of school events where the entire class participates, and has no lines until episode 48, which is also when the audience learns his name.

In episode 48, he and the other "seat-fillers" become angry for being ignored for the entire series while the rest of the class are taking pictures to complete their yearbook, having forgotten to include them. Ludwig leads them as they take Yaginuma hostage and accuse the class of ignoring their existence. They particularly accuse class representative Nishigori of not even knowing their names and break down crying. Vice-representative Opal appeases them by reciting their full names and they're included in the yearbook.

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