Lolip (ロリップ Rorippu?) is the main character of the light novel Jewelpet: Fuss on the Jewel Festival.


Lolip is a pinkish-white rabbit with a big fluffy tail. She has an unknown Jewel Eye which is colored reddish-pink. She wears a pink frilly maid hat with pink ribbons to the sides and a blue pearl necklace with a jewel shaped like a lollipop. She also carries a yellow bag around with the same lollipop jewel decorated onto it, she wears a red flower on her ear as well.

Charm Form

So far, there's no charm form revealed for Lolip.




Lolip is an unknown rabbit who came to Jewel Land for a festival.



  • Lolip is the only Jewelpet character not accepted in the main series canon so far, the other also being Nachi.
  • It's not confirmed whether she is a Jewelpet or a Sweetspet.
  • Lolip's character designer is POP, who designed the cover for Moetan 3 〜Return of the Little Witch〜. He also contributed to various Sanriowave projects.