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No. Title Original airdate
01 "Teacher Iruka Came Yay!/Love Letters Found Yay!"

"iruka sensei ga yatteki ta yei! / raburetā mikke yei!" (イルカ先生がやって来たイェイッ!/ラブレターみっけイェイッ!)

April 9, 2011[1]
Teacher Iruka Came Yay!: Ruby and her classmates study on Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy until their new teacher comes along. Due to Ruby's prank, he may not ever teach anymore unless the class does something to let him stay.

Love Letters Found Yay!: A Love Letter brings a serious commotion to Ruby's class and Kanon is seriously embarrassed by it. To make matters worse, Teacher Iruka is about to read it.

02 "Labra and Angela Yay!/Hinata and Peridot Yay!"

"rabura to enjera ga yei! / hinata to peridotto mo yei!" (ラブラとエンジェラがイェイッ!/ひなたとペリドットもイェイッ!)

April 16, 2011[2]
Labra and Angela Yay!: Labra finally found her new jewel powers, but due to her strong powers, it has caused a lot of problems in the academy. Angela finally get annoyed and stops her before her magic goes out of control.

Hinata and Peridot Yay!: Hinata's welcomes her new roommate Peridot, but Peridot wants her to get active, even Hinata is a timid girl. However, she does what she can to be more athletic in the end. Ruby however, wants to switch roommates due to her being fed up with Kanon.

03 "Garnet Keeps Up Yay!/Me and Somebody...Yay!"

"gānetto ganbaru yei! / dareka ga watashi o ...yei!" (ガーネットがんばるイェイッ!/誰かが私を・・・イェイッ!)

April 23, 2011[2]
Garnet Keeps Up Yay!: Garnet is well known as the fashionista in the Sunshine Academy. But when Diana comes along and steals the spotlight, Garnet is sad and jealous. She decides to join the Miss Sunshine Academy to be more famous, but ends up in a comedy contest instead.

Me and Somebody...Yay!: Ruby had a problem with a Stalker and he is actually following her all over Jewel Land. She consults to her friends to see if they can help her. As it turns out, the stalker is a crocodile named Waniko wants to eat Ruby and swallow her WHOLE!

04 "Sapphie's Secret Yay!"

"sapii no himitsu yei!" (サフィーのひみつイェイッ!)

April 30, 2011[2]
During class, Nejikawa, a robot student in the Plum Section shows some affections to Sapphie. As he decides to follow her to her secret lab, she then discovers him stalking her. Later on, they talk about Sapphie's dreams about reaching the stars using a rocket, but when a disaster during the launch occurs, how will they handle this at the cost of the Academy getting destroyed in the process while achieving Sapphie's dreams to reach the stars?
05 "Iruka Grand Prix Yay!/Goodbye Plum Section Yay!"

"iruka guranpuri de yei! / sayonara ume gumi yei!" (イルカグランプリでイェイッ!/さよなら梅組イェイッ!)

May 7, 2011[2]
Iruka Grand Prix Yay!: Shouko is angry at Iruka due to his competitiveness, and the school rule saying scooters are not allowed in the academy grounds. The only way to settle this is through the race called the "Iruka Grand Prix". There, she settles her score with the hot-blooded, but stupid teacher... with a little help of course.

Goodbye Plum Section Yay!: Jill decides that Sapphie needs to be transferred to the Rose Section, leaving her friends behind while Sango is transferred to the Plum Section. Ruby and her friends decides to get her back to their class.

06 "Ruby's Making Cookies Yay!/Rald's Prohibition Yay!"

"rubī no kukkī dukuri yei! / kindan no rarudo san yei!" (ルビーのクッキー作りイェイッ!/禁断のラルドさんイェイッ!)

May 14, 2011[3]
Ruby's Making Cookies Yay!: Both Ruby and Kanon decide to bake cookies for their crush Mikage, but insanity ensures on each mistake the two make when baking them. Later after Kanon failed, Ruby helps her with a little magic to impress Mikage.

Rald's Prohibition Yay!: Iruka wants to punish Rald for not listening, but the students warn him about Rald's secret, and that he may do something desperate. Iruka decides to gather some info about him from his students until he finds out the shocking truth.

07 "Thanks to Jewel Day Yay!"

"sankusujuerudē ni yei!" (サンクスジュエルデーにイェイッ!)

May 21, 2011[3]
The class learns about "Thanks to Jewel Day", an event held once a year in Jewel Land. Kanon herself believes that the event is rubbish. The next day, Kanon learns that Thanks to Jewel Day is a day that Jewelpets need a lot of respect and Kanon is shocked on how the day goes. She is insulted throughout the day, even to the point on dressing up as a maid. After she insults Ruby due to her anger, Kanon is arrested and sent to jail to do serious hard labor, while meeting with Shouko and Jill. Later that day, all 3 of them do serious hard labor and Kanon is in the point of both anger and hunger. Titana decides to bust her out, but ends up destroying the whole prison, with the four of them miraculously surviving while the song I Don't Want to Miss a Thing is playing in the background. The next day, everything is back to normal....or is it?
08 "Charotte's Love Story Yay!/Jasper's Curry Yay!"

"charotto no koi monogatari yei! / karē naru jasupāyei!" (チャロットの恋物語イェイッ!/カレーなるジャスパーイェイッ!)

May 28, 2011[3]
Charotte's Love Story Yay!: The girls find out about Charotte's strange affection to someone as they investigate her strange behavior. During class, they find out that she has a crush on a mosquito and she is driving her friends nuts on this strange pairing throughout the day.

Jasper's Curry Yay!: Jasper decides to stay at Mikage and Masago's appartment after his gets flooded. The next day, both Mikage and Jasper havd a rivalry with each other.....all because of Mikage's way on eating curry, which angers Jasper to the point of a showdown at the academy.

09 "The Human World Yay!"

"Ningenkai de yei!" (人間界でイェイッ!)

June 4, 2011[3]
Ruby sees Kanon packing up one night and asks her about it. She answers that she will go back to the Human World temporarily, leaving Ruby confused. The next morning, Ruby and her friends decide to go to the human world as well, using Garnet's magic to materialize a disguise and sneaking into one of the buses as a tour guide. Iruka, being suspicious, is kicked out of the bus as they left before Jasper opens the gate to the human world. As the buses arrive at the Human World (Mainly in Tokyo), Ruby and the other Jewelpets are amazed on how the scenery looks like. As the tour guide starts, Kanon feels that she noticed something strange about the Bus Guide, and she then unmasked her, revealing the Jewelpets in disguise. Mikage is happy to see Ruby and the others that he lets them tag along in the human world, at the same time making Kanon seriously angry. Later on, Ruby follows Mikage into his home and his father allows her inside, alongside Kanon, who recently arrives and kicks Ruby out of the scene. Both Kanon and Ruby find out that Mikage is about to inherit their family heritage as an Ikebana Flower Arranger. But when he gets distracted due to Kanon and Ruby, his father scolds him due to his lack of concentration. How will this end up for both Kanon and Ruby?
10 "Strawberry Cafe Yay! / Aim for the Scoop! Yay!"

"Sutoroberī Kafe de yei! / Sukūpu o Nerae! Yei!" (ストロベリーカフェでイェイッ!/スクープを狙え!イェイッ!)

June 11, 2011[4]
Strawberry Cafe Yay!: Garnet has been working at the Strawberry Cafe for a long time. But then he sees how much debt the shop and Buster has. She tries to find a way to make the shop popular and earn a lot of money to pay for the debt before the deadline.

Aim for the Scoop! Yay!: The President of the Sunshine Newspaper is facing a dilemma about a new issue and how the newspapers are delivered. Peridot feels worried about this and that it will endanger the group until they can find good scoop for the papers.

11 "Welcome Queen Jewelina Yay! / Opal and The Chairman Yay!"

"Yōkoso Juerīna-sama de yei! / Iinchō to Opāru de yei!" (ようこそジュエリーナ様イェイッ!/委員長とオパールでイェイッ!)

June 18, 2011[4]
Welcome Queen Jewelina Yay!: Kanon and Hinata found out about Queen Jewelina to be the creator of Jewel Land and the Jewelpet's only creator and mother. Feeling curious, Ruby's friends then asked everyone more about their ruler, bur it didn't turned out well as they expected. Until Queen Jewelina showed up herself.

Opal and The Chairman Yay!: Being angered due to Sapphie getting the highest scores, the chairman of the Plum Section appointed Sapphie to teach the class for a while. For Opal, the vice chairman, is trying to do her best to help calm the chairman down while insanity ensures.

12 "Full of Mud Yay! / The Terror of Black Magic Yay!"

"Doro Darake de yei! / Kyōfu no Kuroi Mahō de yei!" (どろだらけでイェイッ!/恐怖の黒い魔法イェイッ!)

June 25, 2011[4]
Full of Mud Yay!: While walking to school, Kanon got scarred by a frog and fell onto a mud pit. As Mikage helped her get up, she remembered the same experience when she was younger and how she met him for the first time. Ruby however is jealous and is watching over the couple as she plans to get Mikage for herself, even she has to get dirty all over and ends up into a mud fight against Kanon.

The Terror of Black Magic Yay!: A girl from the Plum Section holds a deep and dark secret. Hinata and the others discover a notebook full of strange rune scriptures and tries to look at until the mysterious girl gets it and runs away. Sapphie however has a bad feeling that she knew about the runes. The next day, Angela was mysteriously kidnapped by the strange girl. Sapphie herself knew about what's happening and why Angela is been kidnapped: to unleash the forbidden Dark Jewel Magic. Ruby and her friends must now save Angela for being sacrificed and prevent the Dark Jewel Magic for unleashing.

13 "Course Consultation Yay!"

"Shinro Sōdan de yei!" (進路相談でイェイッ!)

July 2, 2011[4]
The Jewelpets in the Plum section needs to take a Course Consultation Exam to decide their future or else they won't advance to the next grade. Ruby talked to Kanon about it last night about her future, with Kanon jokingly said she won't pass. The next day, the Jewelpets were now taking the exam as scheduled, being assigned to different jobs. Iruka is having a hard time assigning each of them to their future jobs until its Ruby's turn, in which she said that she wanted to be a pop idol or get married to Mikage. But this doesn't turn out well for Ruby in the end, on which she can't decide her future. What will be Ruby's Future, and how will it affect her?
14 "Throbbing Fireworks Yay! / Paca Paca Paca Yay!"

"Dokidoki hanabi de yei! / Pakā Pakā Pakā de yei!" (ドキドキ花火でイェイッ!/パカーパカーパカーイェイッ!)

July 9, 2011[4]
Throbbing Fireworks Yay!: It's the day of the Tanabata Festival and Ruby asked Mikage if she can watch the fireworks with him, on which he agreed. During the night of the festival, Ruby got so many distractions and must do many favors. After being done with all the favors, she finally met Mikage by the lake and they both watch the fireworks together with the song Show Me by Yukari Morikawa playing in the background. Kanon is watching them both, being jealous.Paca Paca Paca Yay!: Angela got a serious cold and is very contagious, in which someone can seriously make someone say "Paca" all the time. Ruby got infected first then her friends in the academy. Insanity then ensures when the whole academy gets infected one by one.
15 "Road Man Titana Yay! / Ghosts Coming Yay!"

"Chitāna no Otokodō yei! / Ki Moda Meshi de yei!" (チターナの男道イェイッ!/きもだめしでイェイッ!)

July 16, 2011[5]
Road Man Titana Yay!: Long ago, Titana is been bullied by King and his followers after he accidentally bumped onto him. However, Kanon walked in and defended Titana, making him admire Kanon. Now in the present, He is still admiring Kanon with all the chores, but somewhat ignored by Kanon's friends. Shouko and her friends saw him working hard, cleaning the floors and decided to see if they can make a man out of Titana.

Ghosts Coming Yay!: While looking at Peridot's Jewel Pod, Ruby and her friends noticed a ghost in front of the old academy building and decides to investigate it. During that night, Ruby and her friends noticed about Sapphie's fear of ghosts.

16 "Ruby and Sapphie Yay! / Phantom Ruby Yay!"

"Rubī to Safi de yei!/ Kaitō Rubi de yei!" (ルビーとサフィーでイェイッ!/怪盗ルビーでイェイッ!)

July 23, 2011[5]
Ruby and Sapphie Yay!: The Summer heat is affecting everyone in both Jewel Land and the Human World, even in Ruby's class. When Kanon teased her for having no dreams, Ruby consulted Sapphie for some advice on her dreams and lets her to be a test subject to Sapphie's inventions, even if this cost Ruby's insurance.

Phantom Ruby Yay!: Ruby and her friends planned to do a raid in the Sunshine Academy tonight after they found out that Iruka is keeping something from the students. However, after Hinata accidentally tripped some of the laser sensors, they now got 5 Minutes to get that item before Iruka wakes up.

17 "Desert Island Survival? Yay!"

"Mujintō de Sabaibaru? De yei!" (無人島でサバイバル?イェイッ!)

July 30, 2011[5]
The first chapter of the Summer Saga. After another trip to the Human World, Hinata gave the Jewelpets some treats from their visit, except Labra, which resulted for her to cry and cause a magical spell to activate, teleporting Ruby and her Friends in a deserted island several miles away from Jewel Land. All of them were separated into four groups and they all rely on their wits to survive in the island. As they try to adapt and enjoy themselves in the island, while finding a way back to Jewel Land, each one of them were being watched by someone unknown. How will they get back to Jewel Land? And who is the mysterious figure watching them?
18 "Dragon Land Yay!"

"Ryūgūrando de yei!" (リューグーランドでイェイッ!)

August 6, 2011[5]
The second chapter of the Summer Saga. Ruby and her friends finally found out about Rin and the mysterious boy on the beach, who turnedout to be a prince. He then takes them into the magical city beneath the sea called Dragon Land, on which all sea creatures of Jewel Land live. As they look around the city and even meet the emperor and empress of the nation, they all enjoyed their visit, even they put on their special performances for the people. Meanwhile, Kanon and the rest were also going to Dragon Land as well as told by Nejikawa about the mysterious guy who brought Ruby and her friends to the same place. After they get rejected, they all consulted to the king and queen of the other side of the kingdom, in which it didn't end well. Back to Ruby, the Prince told them to escape as his parents treating them as they were is wrong. As they all escape, both Hinata and the Prince fended off the guards until Nejikawa appears and they all got thrown out. Meanwhile back at the dungeon, Kanon and the others were freed by a mysterious girl and helps them escape. Will Ruby and everyone escape Dragon Land in one piece? Who is the mysterious girl helping Kanon?
19 "Pirate's Treasure Yay!"

"Kaizoku no Hihō de yei!" (海賊の秘宝でイェイッ!)

August 13, 2011[6]
The third chapter of the Summer Saga. After the mysterious girl, turning out to be a princess and the prince reunited in the borders separating Dragon Land, Ruby and the others were both confused and yet, surprised. The prince explained that Dragon Land is once a peaceful kingdom and everyone is united, until both rulers became angry with each other and divided the land and the only way to get them back together is to find the legendary treasure called the Rainbow Jewel. However, the guards at both kingdoms spotted the group and Ruby's group along with the prince made their escape to the surface, promising to rescue her. As they reached the surface, they all agreed to find the Rainbow Jewel to save the others and reunite the torn kingdom. However, they all need to fight through the Legendary Pirates who were wanting the treasure. Will they ever get the Rainbow Jewel and unite both kingdoms once more? The story enters the final phase.
20 "Summer, Love and Adventure Yay!"

"Natsu to Koi to Bōken de yei!" (夏と恋と冒険でイエイッ!)

August 20, 2011[6]
The Final Chapter of the Summer Saga. After Ruby and the gang obtained the Rainbow Jewel, they then received a call from Kanon back from Dragon Land, saying that everything has gone worse since they left. As they went back to Dragon Land, they then found out that something is wrong and the Dragon Prince saw one of the injured Royal Guards, saying that the King and Queen were overthrown by a mysterious foe. The Prince was then captured by the octopuses and then taken into custody, leaving Hinata and the Jewelpets to save him. After they save him, they saw the Princess of Dragon Land crying and the prince promised to rescue her after he saved his parents. Meanwhile, Hinata, Garnet and Labra came into her room and she and Aqua explained everything. Professor Utsuborg took over the kingdom and wants to force the Princess to marry him, so he can take over Dragon Land. After then, Hinata and the Jewelpets hide themselves as Utsuborg went inside the Princess's room and took her away. After the Prince heard everything about Utsuborg's plans, everyone decided that the only way to save Dragon Land and the Princess is to defeat Utsuborg. Will the whole story go with a happy ending?
21 "Triple Axel Yay! / Homework Pinch Yay!"

"Toripuru Akuseru de yei! / Shukudai Pinchi de yei!" (トリプルアクセルでイエイッ!/宿題ピンチでイエイッ!)

August 27, 2011[6]
Triple Axel Yay!: A strange man is eyeing Peridot after their adventures in Dragon Land and then met her later on at the Dormitory. Sapphie explained that he's a professional ice skater in the Human World and he wants Peridot to be an Ice Skater due to her agility and skills. Later on competing in the Ice Skating Championships in Jewel Land.

Homework Pinch Yay!: The others were having a hard time finishing their homework due to their adventure in Dragon Land. They all ask Hinata to help them finish their summer homework, but then rejected. Kanon and the Jewelpets decides to do everything they know to convince Hinata to do their homework.

22 "Shouko and Master Yay! / Garnet and Masago Yay!"

"Shōko to Masutā ga de yei! / Gānetto to Masago ga de yei!" (晶子とマスターがイエイッ!/ガーネットと真砂がイエイッ!)

September 3, 2011[6]
Shouko and Master Yay!: Master saved Shouko from a accident and she started to have strange affections with him. Despite being an old man, Shouko herself is having a hard time confessing her feelings to him as she started to work as a maid at the Strawberry Cafe.

Garnet and Masago Yay!: Both Garnet and Masago agreed to go on a date. During that night, he explained to Mikage about his lucky day and how Garnet answered him yes. His friends agreed to help Masago, only to find out it wasn't the date he was expecting.

23 "Vocabulary Arrays Yay! / Double Secret Diary Yay!"

"Sun-goi are de yei! / Naisho no ni-nin kkiri de yei!" (すンごいアレでイェイッ!/ナイショの二人っきりイェイッ!)

September 10, 2011[7]
Vocabulary Arrays Yay!: Everyone's Jewel Pods is starting to malfunction all of a sudden due to unknown reasons. Jewelina explained that the malfunction is due to the strange clouds filled with Dark Jewel Magic surrounding Jewel Land. Ruby and her friends decides to find the source of it and stop the Dark Magic from plunging Jewel Land into an eternal winter.

Double Secret Diary Yay!: Kanon is still saddened and mad on how Ruby is with Mikage all the time. Being driven by jealousy, she then met Mikage after school and tried to talk to him about their relationships, while being locked inside the storage room. But when Ruby heard Kanon confess to Mikage that she loved him and asked him out, she felt crushed.

24 "O-Le! Tour Yay! / Mr. Yaginuma Yay!"

"O re! Tōru de yei! / Yaginuma-kun to de yei!" (オ・レ!トールイェイッ!/八木沼くんとイェイッ!)

September 17, 2011[7]
O-Le! Tour Yay!: After hearing the conversation inside the storage room, Ruby felt crushed on how Kanon is in love with Mikage. The next day, Ruby isn't feeling well on what happened on that time nor can't bear the things she said to him. But until she met her childhood friend Tour, the love triangle between her, Kanon and Mikage became a lot messier.

Mr. Yaginuma Yay!: Yaginuma is been transformed into a real-life goat due to unknown reasons while King and his lackeys found something that could overthrow the Sunshine Academy.

25 "Tears in the Rain Yay!"

"Ame ni Utaeba de yei!" (雨にうたえばイェイッ!)

September 24, 2011[7]
The Jewelpets were watching Dian performing on television while Garnet is burning up with passion in her desire to perform on stage. Later on during the auditions, Garnet did her best but the judges picked Diana instead. Garnet herself had a lot of part-time jobs in the past and the only chance on her big break didn't happened in her entire life. Later on after school. Garnet saw Dian practicing his dance moves until he noticed her watching. Both Jewelpets had a little talk about each other before they parted ways. The next day, Garnet didn't get accepted again in the auditions, but when she was about to go home, she helped Dian by fixing his attire while giving out her name to him. But when Dian thanked her for her help and hugged her, Garnet felt embarrassed and worse, she had no idea that he has feelings for her. Is Dian the Prince Charming Garnet wished for?
26 "Stress Explosion of Love Yay! / Party Debut Yay!"

"Koi no Sutoresu dai Bakuhatsu de yei! / Gō Kondebyū de yei!" (恋のストレス大爆発イェイッ!/合コンデビューでイェイッ!)

October 1, 2011[7]
Stress Explosion of Love Yay!: Kanon is very lucky due to her getting closer to her crush Mikage, thought she can't confess her feelings to him. Ruby is still jealous of her and still insisted on getting Mikage back. Even worse, Tour is still in love with Ruby and wants her.

Party Debut Yay!: The Jewelpets of the Plum Section were invited to the Karaoke Party hosted by Kaiya. Ruby notices Yuku's strange behavior during the party until she finds out he wants to marry her. His grandparents explained that Yuku is an artist and he wants Ruby as his model.

27 "It's the Sports Festival! Yay!"

"Taiiku-sai! De yei!" (体育祭だよ!イェイッ!)

October 8, 2011[7]
The Sports Festival has finally kicked off in the Sunshine Academy as Iruka wanted the students to participate, somewhat not knowing about Jill's plans. As the day of the Sports Festival arrives, both the Plum Section and the Rose Section must fight their honor in the festival. As each teams fight it out during the festival, the Rose Section is taking the lead while the students in the Plum Section were doing their best to beat them. Which team will win in the end: The Plum Section or the Rose Section....
28 "Double Date Yay! / Girl Talk Yay!"


October 15, 2011[8]
Double Date Yay!: Kanon, Ruby, Mikage and Tour go on a double date in town. Both Ruby and Kanon decided to do everything they could on their date while trying to win Mikage's heart again. Meanwhile, Iruka is trying to impress Jill again on their first date.

Girl Talk Yay!: During the date in Double Date Yay!, the girls talked about the date between Mikage and Kanon and everything else. And due to the spiked cupcakes they ate, they have gone nuts and told every random feelings they have.

29 "Poorly Tasted Omelet Yay! / Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 1"


October 22, 2011[8]
Poorly Tasted Omelet Yay!: Charotte remembers the day when she first met both Shouko and Waniyama in the Sunshine Academy. All due to the Omelet that she first cooked for her which united their friendship.

Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 1: Due to an accident, both Ruby and Kanon's minds have been switched from their bodies. Now being inside Kanon's body, Ruby had her chance to get Mikage for herself. However, how will Kanon temporarily adapt inside a Jewelpet's body? And will there be a way to switch their minds back?

30 "Look Behind You Yay! / Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 2"


October 29, 2011[8]
Look Behind You Yay!: Sapphie herself is being suspicious on Iruka's assistants. Feeling curious, she consulted her friends to see what is really going on with their homeroom teacher.

Ruby and Kanon Yay! Part 2: Part 2 of the last story. Ruby (In Kanon's Body) received tickets from Titana about a Theme Park in Jewel Land for her and Mikage's date. Kanon (In Ruby's Body) however is becoming more jealous on the Jewelpet flirting with him. Now how will Kanon correct things while getting her to switch minds back?

31 "Phantom Jewel Bread Yay! / Rose M-kage Yay! Part 1"


November 5, 2011[8]
Phantom Jewel Bread Yay!: The Sunshine Academy has a new kind of bread being sold in the cafeteria called the Jewel Bread. Because of its popularity, it was bought fast by the students due to its taste and design. Ruby and her friends wanted the bread as well and will do everything to buy it, only finding out its difficult to buy the whole thing despite their efforts.

Rose M-kage Yay! Part 1: A masked man who resembles Mikage is being chased by the police, holding a melon. The name of the person is Phantom M-Kage and he is being targeted by King and his lackeys. He then met Sango in the streets that night and she started to fell in love with him. The next morning, everyone in the Sunshine Academy were discussing about the masked guy while Mikage is out of though until Masago asked him, not knowing that he is Phantom M-Kage. Later that night, Topaz received a note from Phantom M-Kage, saying he's gonna steal her tiara. King and his Lackeys were gonna try to stop him but its too late as he escaped with the tiara. The next day, Ruby and Kanon noticed about the girl's addiction to the masked man and the absence of Mikage in school. What is Phantom M-Kage's true motive? And what happened to Mikage's during those days?

32 "Baby Plum Section Yay! / Rose M-kage Yay! Part 2"


November 12, 2011
Baby Plum Section Yay!:One afternoon in the girl's dormitory, Ruby and her friends were having a good time in Labra and Angela's Room. But Labra didn't like to be called a baby and used her magic, transforming Ruby and her friends into babies. Kanon, Angela and Hinata now need to take care of take care of them while trying to convince Labra to turn them back to normal.

Rose M-kage Yay! Part 2: Part 2 of the last story. Ruby and Kanon received a note from M-Kage saying that he will come to their Dormitory to kidnap Ruby. One of their classmates came and warned them about Phantom M-Kage and another case of the Dark Jewel Power surrounding him, explaining why Mikage is absent in the previous days. Later on, M-Kage arrived to their room and tried to kidnap Ruby until he was caught red-handed by the duo. He fled their room and both decided to chase him through the city, not knowing that the girls that he charmed with set up traps to prevent them from catching him. As their motives is to catch Ruby for the Phantom, both Kanon and Iruka tried to stop them and tell Ruby to catch him. But she herself got caught by M-kage himself until she noticed the same touch, knowing that its Mikage being possessed by the Dark Jewel Magic. How will Ruby reverse the spell inside his body and bring him back to normal?

33 "Suit up! Jewel Shoes Yay! / Flora's Pasture Yay!"


November 19, 2011
Suit up! Jewel Shoes Yay!: It's almost the end of Autumn and Hinata has a problem catching up with Peridot. But when Peridot turned herself into a pair of shoes to increase Hinata's athletic abilities, the other Jewelpet Friends goes with the trend and turns themselves into clothing wear! Kanon herself may use to this chance to get closer to Mikage.

Flora's Pasture Yay!: Kanon and her friends went to the Cream Pasture for a field trip with Flora joining them. Both Flora and Angela became friends at the farm, while Labra starts to become jealous.

34 "It's a Musical! Yay!"

(ミュージカルだよ! イェイッ!)

November 26, 2011
It's now the Sunshine Academy Autumn Festival and the Plum Section were hosting a successful musical play called "Cats and Dogs" as one of the venues. The President of the Sunshine Newspaper is the director of the musical and she wanted everything to go smoothly after all the hard times and countless amounts of practice the actors had done. However, will it go into a successful finale in the end? Or the biggest Broadway disaster?
35 "Tour's Secret Yay! / Good Bye, Kanon Yay! Part 1"


December 3, 2011
Tour's Secret Yay!: Ruby and the others were checking the Ratings Board in the Sunshine Academy lobby for their initial grades until they saw that Tour is in the 100th place, being the one who got the lowest. Sango decides to consult with Sapphie to uncover a lot of secrets regarding Tour's failing grades.

Good Bye, Kanon Yay! Part 1: Kanon is being pulled out of the Sunshine Academy due to mother finding out she is hanging out with Mikage. The students of the Plum Section arranged a farewell party for her on her departure to Jewel Land back to the Human World, making her friends cry. That night, both her and Mikage had a little talk outside the dormitory, however the next day, when she found out that she has to leave Jewel Land by tomorrow, Kanon's spirit is crushed and worse. The next day, after she truly confesses her love for Mikage, he accepted it (While the song Sounds Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel) and both of them run away together. Will this be the best chance for Kanon to confess her true feelings to him before she leaves Jewel Land forever?

36 "Jugempet Uhyoitsu! / Good Bye, Kanon Yay! Part 2"

(ジュゲムペットでウヒョイッ!/さよなら花音イェイッ! 後編)

December 10, 2011
Jugempet Uhyoitsu!: Christmas is coming and everyone is preparing for the holidays by making their gifts to their friends. However, strange fake clones of Ruby's friends called Jugempets started to appear out of nowhere, replacing her friends little by little. Hinata noticed that it was the work of Dark Jewel Magic.

Good Bye, Kanon Yay! Part 2: In the last episode, both Mikage and Kanon run away together (While the song Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel is being played). They both end up somewhere in Jewel Land (While the song Kaguyahime by Kandagawa is being played) and both decided to stay in for the night. Unknowingly, Titana snuck himself inside Kanon's bag and is watching the couple's every move until his cover is blown, making her angry at him. Ruby, Labra and Peridot were still finding the couple as Ruby is dead mad due to Kanon hogging on Mikage and almost everyone in Jewel Land is were looking on the couple to be turned in to Kanon's mom. After the failed attempts, they somehow can't locate the couple. To both Kanon and Mikage however, they both started to feel something special about them while Titana tries to forcefully separate them until Master caught them both and turned them in. The next day, Kanon's mother felt disappointed at her due to disobeying her orders and dating Mikage. Will this be the end for Kanon's studies in Jewel Land?

37 "Year In, Year Out Yay!"


December 17, 2011
Next year will be the Year of the Dragon and Ruby is worrying about her luck, even to the point that she is about to go crazy on not getting a Lucky Set. She then consulted to Opal if she can help her go to the Human World through the Jewel Gate to get one but the only problem: Opal always disappears if someone riding her has bad thoughts. After a lot of attempts, Opal's wings suddenly darkened and starts to shrink due to Ruby's ambition and it broke her heart, things however got worse as both her and Opal started to argue with each other. Will the two reconcile with each other while getting Opal's wings back?
38 "Sweetspet Yay! / Holy Light's Prayer Yay!"

(スウィーツペットでイェイッ! / 聖夜の祈りイェイッ!)

December 24, 2011
Sweetspet Yay!: Sakura, a Sweetspet who hailed from Sweets Land comes to Jewel Land to deliver gifts. But then she was surprisingly greeted by Ruby and her Friends, thinking it was Santa. Ruby later learned that she is still a newbie on being Santa and worse, delivers utter chaos during Christmas Eve. Ruby and her friends decided to help her deliver the gifts all over Jewel Land.

Holy Light's Prayer Yay!: Everyone in Jewel Land went to the church to pray for their good fortunes and their wishes, not knowing that Jewelina is keeping her eye on each and every one of them.

39 "Dual Wilderness Yay!"


December 31, 2011
The story starts when Labra and Angela were in the open road as they were going to some unknown place. Both of them spent their time together as Labra tries to discover her own true power Jewelina said to her. The next morning when Labra found out they're all out of supplies, she then cried loudly, causing magical shockwaves that almost decimated the area. Angela agrees that they resupply and continue their travels, not knowing that the police were in their tail, being wanted as criminals.
40 "Everything Freezes Yay!"


January 7, 2012
That night in Jewel Land, Kanon and Ruby noticed the icy cold turns everything into ice due to the Jewel Land Aurora occurring in the whole land. The next day, everything in Jewel Land is frozen solid in ice and both sides were enjoying the cold weather but the same time, worrying on what would happen on the whole place if the cold weather continues. The blizzard continues and everything had gone to worse as the aurora expands and everyone in Jewel Land, turning everyone into ice one by one. This was later learned that it was caused by Dark Jewel Magic affecting the Aurora and its consequences it will have in the entire land. Peridot is the only one who can stop the aurora using a secret ice skating technique, but how will she stop it in time before it freezes everyone?
41 "Labra's Trial Yay! / Mikage's Secrets Yay!"

(ラブラの試練 イェイッ! / ひみつの御影くんイェイッ!)

January 14, 2012
Labra's Trial Yay!: For Labra to keep up with her magical powers, she has to take a special magic trial from Jewelina herself. However, Luna also wants to take the test as well as both Jewelpets compete to see who's the strongest. At the end, Jewelina gave both Jewelpets two magic mirrors to test their magical abilities further.

Mikage's Secrets Yay!: Kanon is getting troubled as she wasn't allowed to be near Mikage all the time. Because of this, she decided to send Titana to the human world to spy on his home and reveal this secret and take it back to Kanon. But Kanon learned the shocking truth about her and Mikage.

42 "Angela of the Wind Yay!"

(風のエンジェラ イェイッ!)

January 21, 2012
Shouko and Angela were both in the Moto GP racing. However before this happened, Shouko kidnapped Angela first in their dormitory and disappear somewhere in the human world. The Jewelpets and Hinata were panicking on this until the found out the truth as Angela and Shouko won the bike race. Later on, she, Shouko and her lackeys were hanging out and were talking about Shouko's liking in races and they always win in each race. But one day, both Shouko and Angela decided to go to the Human world to compete for the Moto GP Race, but an accident somewhat messed up her magic skills and both argued, causing them to break their friendship. Could it be the end of their friendship in the racetrack?
43 "Hinata's Dreams Yay!"


January 28, 2012
Hinata dreams on becoming a Nursery Teacher after she graduates from College. One day, a package from her parents has arrived in the Dormitory and Hinata notices its contents, which is filled with shirts and also a Fireman Uniform. Hinata explained that her father is a fireman, in his job to put out fires and protect everyone's lives. Peridot understands Hinata's story well until she was called by her friends. Later on, the Jewelpets were in a special briefing explaining about the Dark Jewel Magic that happened during the last few days and how they can be connected. Ruby and her friends decided to form a special group to prevent it, but they were causing more trouble than good. Later on, Hinata met up with Kanon and they talked about entering to a university after they graduate. Hinata also told Kanon that she is once love and admire her father as a child and doesn't want him to leave. Later on when she grow up, decided to study in the Sunshine Academy in Jewel Land so she can meet her father again. But when a fire caused by Dark Jewel Magic broke out in the Dormitory with Hinata trapped inside, how will the Jewelpets save her while saving the dormitory for being reduced to ashes?

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