Levin is a supporting character from Lady Jewelpet.


Levin is another Prince candidate, and is one of the top competitors.


Levin is the youngest, and shortest, prince candidate. A bit childish, Levin often teases Cayenne about his relationship with Momona. He is very cheerful, but also arrogant at the same time. Levin has a crush on Charon.


Levin has short, tousled brown hair. He is often seen wearing a light blue dress shirt with a pink tie and a navy vest. He also wears beige shorts and brown combat boots. He also has two thin brown bracelets on his right wrist.


Main article: Levin/Image Gallery


  • His name is taken from the Toyota Corolla Levin, one of the two lightweight compact sports car made by Toyota from 1972 to 2000.
  • He is the first Prince candidate to be engaged.

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