Let's Collect Magic Gems!
Season 5, Episode 1
Air date April 6, 2013
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Let's Collect Magic Gems! (魔法の宝石あつめちゃお Mahō no hōseki atsume chao!?) is the first episode of Jewelpet Happiness.


One day inside the Jewel Tower, Queen Jewelina gathered all the Jewelpets in one place and discuss and asked them a favor as the queen showed them the magical Jewel Box. She explained to them if they collect enough Magic Jewels and filled the Jewel Box, a miracle would happen. The queen give the Jewel Box to Ruby and told her the only way to collect the jewels is to make friends and open a shop called the Jewelpet Cafe.

The next day, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka, roommates who attend the prestigious Jewel Academy were preparing for school as Chiari checks her fortune. The other girls both think she is jinxed thought thinking on in a positive mood as they all went to class. Back at the Jewel Tower, Ruby and her friends were about to leave as they wait for Rosa to come out. As explained earlier to open a cafe, they all decided to go to the Jewel Academy to open the said cafe by bus. However as they arrive, the cafe is worn down and haunted as Chiari, Nene and Ruruka passes through and were late in class. The trio saw the Jewelpets and hand an unexpected meeting with each other and introduced themselves. Ruby told the three that they will open the Cafe in the side of the Academy, also Chiari taking notice about the Magical Jewel Box.

As the girls found out they're late, they rushed into class and the pets goes to work, finding out the cafe is in the worse condition as it seems. Ruby decided to use her Jewel Pod and cast her magic to the place, only it backfired and decorated the cafeteria. At the academy, the class had a speech with their teacher as Jewelina appeared on the screen, advertising the Newly Opened Jewelpet Cafe as Chiari and her friends listen.

Back at the Cafe, two mysterious students surveyed the area and saw the cafeteria being brightly decorated until they saw a lot of students going in the cafe as well as they go into hiding. Chiari arrives along with the others and saw a huge boom in the cafe, but not knowing to Ruby, this is the start of her troubles.



  • Ruby
  • Garnet
  • Rosa
  • Angela
  • Sapphie
  • Labra
  • Chiari
  • Nene
  • Ruruka





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