Larimar (ラリマー Rarimā?) is an Arctic Fox Jewelpet who represents love and peace. She's the 42nd Jewelpet in the franchise.


Larimar is a white fox with cyan jewel eyes. The tips of her ears, chest and tail has a faint light whitish blue to it. She wears a Snowflake Necklace with Larimar Jewelry, indicating her jewel sign. Her tail is decorated with a pink flower scrunchie on the base of her tail and blue beads tied near the tip of her tail. Since episode 3 of Jewelpet Magical Change, her big tail can become a spirit named Shippo-San.

Human Form (Magical Change)

In her human form, she is depicted as an innocent-looking young girl with shoulder-length blue hair and a light winter dress. She has two big, white pompoms for earrings.


It seems that Larimar has a habit of drinking tea.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, Larimar is mostly kind but less-confident and always dreaming to be a famous singer.


Larimar first appeared in Lady Jewelpet, where she was Lady Lecter's former mentor. During Larimar and Lecter's partnership, Lecter asked Larimar to lend her magical powers to her, but Larimar refused because she thought it'd be too much to handle for her. As their conversation became heated, Lecter abandons Larimar in anger, breaking her heart. Later, Larimar then turned into her Jewel Charm form and rested until Momona and Cayenne went to her after they had used the Final Wand.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, Larimar appears as one of the main Jewelpet heroines alongside Ruby, Labra and Luna. Like all Jewelpets, she has the ability to transform into a human with her magical wristwatch device. In episode 29, Larimar, in human form, bumps into a boy named Souya and he asks her to be his girlfriend for a day as a hoard of girls approaches them. At first, Larimar is reluctant, but as the day goes on, she gradually develops romantic emotions for Souya.


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    Larimar's jewel motif is the larimar (pictured), known also as "Stefilia's Stone". It's a rare blue variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. Its coloration varies between white, light-blue, green-blue and deep blue.
  • Larimar's design is inspired from a winning contest entry held in Japan.[1][2]
  • She is the last and recent character to be introduced in the Jewelpet franchise.


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