Lady Rector (レディ・レクター Redi Rekutā?) is a character of Lady Jewelpet.


For most of the series, Lady Rector is one of the caretakers of the Petit Ladies, along with Lady Boot. She is also the messenger for Lady Jewel. Lady Rector gives the exams to the Petit Ladies.

She is the actual Joker. This was discovered by Miura in episode 46. The reason why she tried to take control over Jewel Land is because of the overwhelming grief she felt when her childhood friend, Lady Diana, ran away and Claire became Lady Jewel instead. When Lady Diana sacrificed herself as a result of her schemes, Lady Rector was distraught and admitted that what she did was wrong. However, she was possessed by a Beast shortly afterwards and sacrificed herself with the Final Wand to rid everyone of both herself and the Beast.

Because Momona used the Final Wand to wish for everyone to be alive and well again, Lady Rector was able to be brought back to life. However, she didn't want to be resurrected because she believed she had already done enough, and allowed herself to disappear for the last time.

Larimar was her mentor back when she was a Petit Lady. However, Larimar abandoned her because Lady Rector wanted more power even though her magic abilities were already dangerously high.


Lady Rector has long brown hair and topaz eyes. She usually has her hair tied up into a bun. She wears a long, purple dress.


Lady Rector is an elegant and graceful woman, the complete opposite of Lady Boot. She fits the image of a lady perfectly.


  • "Rector" means head of an institution of higher education.