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Lady Jewelpet (レディ ジュエルペット Redi Juerupetto?) is the 6th anime series in the Jewelpet franchise. It was animated and co-produced by Zexcs and Studio Comet. The series was directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and written by Natsuko Takahashi. The original characters were designed by Aruko Wada and Jewelpet character designs were handled by Tomoko Miyakawa.

The series aired from April 4, 2014 to March 28, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. on TV-TOKYO and its affiliates.[1]


Momona is a regular middle-school girl who adores her cousin. One day, while attending to her cousin's wedding ceremony, Momona encounters a cute bunny named Ruby. Just then, she finds herself transported to Jewelland where girls are being selected to become candidates into becoming the next queen of Jewelland. Ruby reveals to her that she has been selected to become the next Ladyjewel candidate to become the queen of Jewelland. So Momona had no choice but accept to become the candidate for the next queen.[1] The series follows the adventures of Momona and Ruby in a world of fashion and royalty where the two compete together to become the queen of Jewelland.




New Jewelpets

  • Luea (debut in episode 1)


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International Broadcast

It premiered on Portugal's Canal Panda on July 1, 2016. Its initial timeslot is 11:00 PM.

In Hong Kong, it premiered on TVB Jade on September 27, 2016.


  • Episode titles almost always have the word "lady" included.
  • This is, so far, the only season without title cards.
  • Being animated by ZEXCS, this is the first season to be animated mainly outside of Studio Comet, ending its 5-year run with the franchise after Jewelpet Happiness.
  • "Lady, go!" a frequent phrase in the series, is similar to the phrase from Smile Pretty Cure!. Coincidentally, the phrase is even used in the series' transformation sequences similarly with the Smile!'s sequences.



Lady Jewelpet レディ ジュエルペット 番宣映像

Lady Jewelpet レディ ジュエルペット 番宣映像

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  • Director: Kawasaki Itsuro
  • Series organization: Takahashi Natsuko
  • Character draft: Wadao Ruko
  • Character design: Yahiro Yuuko, Nakanishi Aya
  • Pet design: Miyagawa Tomoko
  • General drawing director: Yatsu Miyako, Nakanishi Aya
  • Art director: Nishikura Tsutomu
  • Color design: Tsumori Yuuko
  • Director of photography: Kamata Katsuaki
  • CG director: Satou Jun'ya
  • Editing: Hiragi Daisuke
  • Sound director: Iwanami Yoshikazu
  • Music: Ichikawa Jun


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