Lady Boot (レディ・ブート Redi Būto?) is a character from Lady Jewelpet. She first appeared in A Lady's Etiquette - Lady Go!.


She is one of the teachers to the Petit Ladies, along with Lady Rector. Also known as Lady Conductor, she instructs the Petit Ladies about their next tests.

She was the masked Lady who saved Mizuki when she was little, and inspired her to become a Lady herself.


Lady Boot has long, choppy purple hair and pinkish-purple eyes. She almost always wears a military outfit, hat included.


Lady Boot is an outgoing and optimistic person. She's rather tomboyish for a Lady, and often disregards proper conduct, exemplified by her liking to go out in the rain and not liking parasols.

She often encourages the Petit Ladies when they're down. She has a habit of sprinkling her dialogue with English words.