Labra (ラブラ Rabura?) is a female Polar Bear cub Jewelpet who represents The Awakening of Hidden Powers (Mischief in the first season) and is the 34th character in the franchise. She has a major role in most series after the first and is often paired with Angela and Rosa.


Labra is mainly colored white, with pink on her hair tuft, as well as her left leg and tail. She wears a pink pearl necklace with a jewel resembling the planet Saturn. The inside of her ears is in the shape of a heart and is pink, and has hearts under the rear legs. Her Jewel Eyes are themed after a Labradorite; the mineral she is based on.

Charm Form

Labra's charm

Labra's Jewel Charm is egg-shaped and colored baby blue. The top has a pink heart-shaped jewel, the bottom has smaller similar gems and there's a silver ring spacing between them. It also has white gold trimmings.

Human form (Magical Change)

In her human form appears as a little girl, with blue eyes and a face that is lively, has pink hair short, with the appearance of the ears pink. She wears a pink dress and yellow with two tassels of purple and a coat of white to the blue collar in the center, the shape of Saturn. She also has white socks and pink shoes in white.


Labra is immature and acts childishly and impulsive towards others. She cries with small provocation and can be selfish and jealous while trying to cover those actions with a cute act. Occasionally, she will be altruistic for the sake of her friends. She seems to have established a good relationship with Angela and Rosa. She often ends her dialogues with the word "labu". Labra shows to be much immature of her two friends Angela and Rosa, who are responsible and not lazy as her.


Labra is stated several times to be the most powerful Jewelpet of all. She derives power from the universe, with which she can potentially alter reality according to her wishes.


In Jewelpet (anime), Episode 39, she was given birth by Raku Majo. She helps Ruby reach Super Crystal class.

In Jewelpet Twinkle, she is Akari's second partner. She was a Jewelpet who couldn't cast magic and wanted to find a partner who would accept her. After being ridiculed by Nicola and Titana for her magical inability, she breaks Moldavite's statue and Akari helps her fix it; this is how Labra awakens her dormant magical power, discovering in the process that her ability is to amplify her partner's magical power.

In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is part of the Plum class and rooms with Angela. She is closer than any other Jewelpet to Jewelina and wishes to be with her forever.

In Jewelpet Kira Deco, she is a police officer in Jewel Town with Angela. They tend to be unreasonable in their punishments and arrests. She is also Midori's partner.

In Jewelpet Happiness, she joins Ruby on her quest to run the Jewelpet Happiness Café and collect Magic Gems. She forms one with Ruruka Hanayama. In 4th episode make her gem after her and Ruruka with their friends find Angela. In episode 21 form a secondary magic jewel.

In Lady Jewelpet, she serves as the object of Episode 12's test, about the Petit Ladies' abilities with children.

In Jewelpet Magical Change, she returns to the main character role, being one of Ruby's friends who resides at Airi's house. She transforms into a human when trying to reach ingredients. She sometimes hangs around Angela when she is around and likes to ride together in Angela's transformation.

In Jewelpet Attack Chance!?, she has a more serious demeanor than her previous anime counterparts, though she retains her soft personality. She wants to do whatever it takes to get the Jewelpet back into the TV anime.


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Jewelpet Magical Change - Labra's Transformation

Jewelpet Magical Change - Labra's Transformation


  • Labra's jewel motif is the labradorite, a type of feldspar mineral which is intermediate to a calcic member of the plagioclase series.
    • Her secondary motif is the universe, especially celestial bodies. This is apparent with her necklace design being based off of Saturn.
  • Labra and Rosa are the only Jewelpets consistently portrayed as a baby or very young child.
    • Nonetheless, Rosa looks older than Labra.
  • She is, so far, the only Jewelpet representative of what is commonly seen as a negative trait (Mischief).
    • She originally represents The Awakening of Hidden Powers, as stated in her official setting in the franchise, but in the first season, it was altered to Mischief.
  • Labra's voice actress, Miyuki Sawashiro, also voiced Aoi, Opal and Chite.