Kurara Nemoto is a minor character from Jewelpet Sunshine.


Kurara has dark green bobbed hair that covers her eyes. She usually wears her school's uniform, consisting of a gray sweater over a sailor suit, a white skirt, black tights and formal shoes.

As a magical girl, her hair turns a watery green color and it parts away from her eyes, revealed to be blue. She dons a purple frilly maid outfit and wields a pink staff.


Kurara seems to be a friendless, antisocial and secretive girl. She believes in the occult and always associates catastrophes with Dark Magic. She secretly enjoys cosplay and wishes she could become a super-hero.

As a magical girl, she becomes more open, cheerful and heroic.


Kurara is part of the Plum class and sits at the back row.

In episode 12, Hinata and some of the Jewelpets find a strange book, which Kurara quickly snatches away from their hands. They become suspicious of her being involved with Dark Magic. Then, Angela mysteriously disappears and they search for her, eventually finding that she has been kidnapped by Kurara for the purpose of experimentation. As it turns out, all Kurara wanted was for Angela to help her become a magical girl, which she does.

She spends the rest of the series either warning people of Dark Magic or performing heroics as a magical girl.

She is seen at the start of the final arc trying to fight off the Dark Magic. She's the first person to be defeated by the Dark Queen, but is revived in the last episode.