Kousuke Sanada is a supporting character in Jewelpet Happiness. He serves as protagonist Chiari's love interest. He forms a quartet with his friends Taira, Takumi and Mouri.


Kousuke has slightly disheveled black hair and red eyes. His skin is quite pale. His usual clothing is the male Jewel Academy uniform; a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the collar unbuttoned, a loosened red tie, gray pants and brown shoes.


Kousuke is a calm and pondered boy. He is very kind to everyone around him despite his distant attitude, which has given rise to the rumour that his smile brings people good luck.

Though not gluttonous, he is fond of food in a philosophical way and is always finding metaphors for life involving it, through which he dispenses advise to people who need it.


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