King (キング Kingu?) is a French Bulldog Jewelpet who represents Health.


King is a pink French Bulldog with yellow details on his ears and a white muzzle. His jewel eyes are composed of Gray Onyxes and wears a big golden crown on his head and a jewel necklace shaped like a black club.

Charm Form



In Jewelpet (anime), King is capable of curing sicknesses, aches and wounds thanks to his Health-based magic, but due to his low proficiency at it, it comes at the price of the patient feeling excruciating pain.



In Jewelpet appear for the first time in episode 7 to help Genshirou Hattori because his health is not great. Becoming his partner.

Appeared again in episode 35 when Dian converted Lapis in a bad Jewelpet. Rinko, Ruby and their friends discover that the two have a love story and for this, King decided to play the Jewel Game to save Lapis, even though in the end he lost. According to the rule it should be Rinko to go with Dian and Diana, but he decides to sacrifice himself.

In episode 45, Diana manipulates him, and he is saved from Lapis in episode 46.

Jewelpet Magical Change

After years of absence, King gets another starring role in Jewelpet Magical Change. He first appears in episode 10.

King is considered unpopular and placed as the lowest ranking magician Jewelpet of all of Jewel Land. When the Jewel Palace fell into the human world and separated the Jewelpets from the fading Jewel Land, King was sent off like all the other Jewelpets to train their magic to restore the Jewel Palace's magic power. But King becomes a ruthless vagabond wandering without ever being reminded of his role. That is when he met Sumire, who took him in and, from a resemblance mistake, King decided to become and act like her pet dog as "Momohime." He then dedicates his life to staying by Sumire's side and protecting her.



  • King's jewel motif is the onyx, a banded variant of chalcedony.
  • King is the only Jewelpet not named after his respective mineral.


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