Kiichi Furano (富良野 黄一 Furano Kiichi?) is a major character from Jewelpet Kira Deco!. He's one of the members of the KiraDeco 5 and Sapphie's human partner.


Kiichi is quite fat and shorter than his teammates Retsu and Blue Knight. He has short, sandy blonde hair and small but thick eyebrows. His eyes, usually shut, are the same color as his hair. He has prominent blush marks on his cheeks.

His civillian outfit consists of an orange sweater, a light yellow, white and blue short-sleeved jacket with a yellow star on its left lapel, caqui overalls with dangling brown shoulder straps, blue and white striped socks and white, blue and yellow shoes.


Kiichi is very gluttonous and likes to do things at his own pace, but he is also caring and gentle. He dislikes fighting despite his membership in the KiraDeco 5. He is very well-liked by animals because of his peaceful nature.


A heavyweight boy, he lives a slow and peaceful life in Hokkaido until he joins the KiraDeco 5 group. He goes by the codename "Slow Life Yellow". In Jewel Land, he bonds with Sapphie and stays in her bookstore, usually taking care of Sapphie's chores.